2014 Subway Series

New York Subway @ Boston Subway

Game 3

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The 2014 Subway Series
is a best-of-seven-games contest.

Game 3

Move the Horses out of Dodge City

New York now leads this best-of-seven series, 3-0. That's almost an insurmountable lead for Boston to overcome. One might imagine that Boston will make some lineup changes for game four.

Game Rosters

New York Subway Roster
Abram Hewitt

Elected Mayor of New York City in 1886. On February 5, 1888 the New York Times quotes Hewitt who claims New York has the "imperial destiny as the greatest city in the world."

William Parsons

In 1894 Parsons was appointed chief engineer of New York City's Rapid Transit Commission. He became responsible for updating and moderning the city's public transportation system.

John McDonald

McDonald's bid of $35 million to build the New York subway was approved in January 1900 by New York City's Rapid Transit Commission.

August Belmont, Jr.

Belmont was appointed to the New York City Rapid Transit Commission in 1891 by Mayor Hugh Grant. Belmont helped arrange the finances to build the New York City subway. He created the Interbororugh Rapid Transit Company (IRT) to operate the subway after it was built.

Alfred Beach

Began editing the Scientific American magazine in 1846. In 1870 he buildt a pneumatic subway tube under Warren and Murray streets near Broadway in New York City.

Abraham Brower

Early designer of the multi-passenger vehicle. In 1827 he introduced a horse-drawn carriage capable of carrying 12 people 2 miles up and down Broadway in New York City.

Walter Bowne

Mayor of New York City in 1832 and a witness on November 26 when the New York and Harlem Railroad Company demonstrated a horse-drawn omnibus moving 30 passengers on tracks near Bond Street.

William Steinway

In 1891, after previously building a successful piano manufacturing company, Steinway was appointed to the New York City Rapid Transit Commission in 1891 by Mayor Hugh Grant.

William Whitney

American political leader and businessman. While serving as the 31st Secretary of the Navy in Grover Cleveland's first administration he was planning to takeover the New York City street railroads. Whitney gambled that cable technology would propel the new rapid transit systems of the future and his association with the Metropolitan Traction Company spawned the Metropolitan Street Railway Company which was to be powered by cable.

"Of all the important moves that William Whitney would make in his life, his choice to pursue a fading technology like cable rather than to follow his brother's lead and embrace the electric streetcar would be his greatest miscalculation." (Most, page 152)

Boston Subway Roster
Michael Meehan

In April 1894, as a Jamaica Plain resident and respected building contractor, Meehan spoke out against the city's subway plans: "I think it is a very expensive method of solving the [conjested streets] problem, and I think we are not going to get proper results for the expenditure." (Boston Daily Advertiser, April 30,1894) Ironically, in March 1895 Meehan's company was awarded the contract to build the city of Boston's subway for just under $140,000.

Henry Higginson

A member of the Commission to Promote Rapid Transit for the City of Boston and its Suburbs. Higginson was appointed to the new commission by Mayor Nathan Matthews in 1891 ten years after Higginson founded the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

John Fitzgerald

A member of the Rapid Transit Commission in 1892 and contributor to that commission's Report to the Massachusetts Legislature by the Commission to Promote Rapid Transit for the City of boston and Its Suburbs (April 5, 1892). Fitzgerald thought a steam powered subway would be better than one powered by electricity.

Daniel Longstreet

At the age of 18 Longstreet took a job as a conductor of a horsecar for the Union Railway Company in Rhode Island. In 1888, he became the general manager of Henry Whitney's Boston-based West End Street Railway Company.

Calvin Richards

Richards was president of the Metropolitan Railroad Company in Boston.

James Reed

On September 1, 1987 motorman Reed drove the first electric streetcar into the new Boston subway tunnel entrance at Boylston Street between Arlington and Charles Streets.

Joe Meigs

In 1890 Meigs invented a steam-powered elevated monorail which he described as "an absolute solution of the problem of rapid transit." In 1894 Bostonians embraced his rapid transit ideas.

Nathan Matthews, Jr.

Matthews was the 33rd Mayor of Boston from 1891-1894 and has been called the "father of the [Boston] subway." (see Most, page 192)

Henry Whitney

Henry Melville Whitney, born in Conway, Massachusetts was an American industrialist. In 1886 he founded the West End Street Railway Company of Boston, Massachusetts. Whitney invested time and money in a vast array of enterprises in the shipping, coal and rapid transit fields. In 1888 he used electricity to replace the 10,000 horses that were being used to move his West End Street Railway cars. Despite his vast industrial activity, Henry Whitney died in Brookline, Massachusetts with an estate worth only $1,221.


Line Score

Box Score

Score Card

     Inn. 1:  New York Subway
[Starter] WhitneyH
Hewitt            K          . . .
Parsons           1B         . . X
McDonald          HR         . . . 2
Belmont           6-3        . . .
Beach             BB         . . X
Brower            7          . . X
     Inn. 1: Boston Subway
[Starter] WhitneyW
Meehan            1B         . . X
Higginson         BB         . X X
Fitzgerald        6-4 F      X . X
Longstreet        4-3        . X . 1
Richards          8          . X .
     Inn. 2:  New York Subway
Bowne             2-3        . . .
Steinway          1B         . . X
WhitneyW           3-4 FO     . . X
Hewitt            5-3        . X .
     Inn. 2: Boston Subway
Reed              3UN        . . .
Meigs             1B         . . X
Matthews          2-3        . X .
WhitneyH           K          . X .
     Inn. 3:  New York Subway
Parsons           8          . . .
McDonald          K          . . .
Belmont           6-3        . . .
     Inn. 3: Boston Subway
Meehan            5-3        . . .
Higginson         BB         . . X
Fitzgerald        8          . . X
*SB:Higginson     SB         . X .
Longstreet        4          . X .
     Inn. 4:  New York Subway
Beach             3 (Foul)   . . .
Brower            1B         . . X
Bowne             K          . . X
Steinway          5-3        . X .
     Inn. 4: Boston Subway
Richards          3UN        . . .
Reed              1B         . . X
Meigs             5-4-3 DP   . . .
     Inn. 5:  New York Subway
WhitneyW           7          . . .
Hewitt            6-3        . . .
Parsons           8          . . .
     Inn. 5: Boston Subway
Matthews          4          . . .
WhitneyH           1B         . . X
Meehan            3          . . X
Higginson         K          . . X
     Inn. 6:  New York Subway
McDonald          7          . . .
Belmont           5-3        . . .
Beach             BB         . . X
Brower            5-3        . X .
     Inn. 6: Boston Subway
Fitzgerald        1B         . . X
Longstreet        4-6 F      . . X
Richards          K          . . X
Reed              K          . . X
     Inn. 7:  New York Subway
Bowne             2B         . X .
Steinway          2B         . X . 1
WhitneyW           1B         X . X
*SB:WhitneyW       SB/E-2     X . . 1
Hewitt            1B         . . X 1
*SB:Hewitt        SB         . X .
Parsons           4          . X .
McDonald          K          . X .
Belmont           6-3        . X .
     Inn. 7: Boston Subway
Meigs             8          . . .
Matthews          K          . . .
WhitneyH           4-3        . . .
     Inn. 8:  New York Subway
Beach             1B         . . X
*SB:Beach         SB         . X .
Brower            8          . X .
Bowne             K          . X .
Steinway          BB         . X X
WhitneyW           7          . X X
     Inn. 8: Boston Subway
Meehan            K          . . .
Higginson         1B         . . X
Fitzgerald        K          . . X
Longstreet        K          . . X
     Inn. 9:  New York Subway
Hewitt            5-3        . . .
Parsons           3UN        . . .
McDonald          2B         . X .
Belmont           1B         . . X 1
Beach             HR         . . . 2
Brower            6          . . .
     Inn. 9: Boston Subway
Richards          K          . . .
Reed              K          . . .
Meigs             4-3        . . .

New York Subway WINS Game, 8-1
New York Subway Leads Series, 3-0 Games

Game Notes

GAME DATE July 18, 2014
GAME TIME 3 hours, 4 minutes
GAME WEATHER Sunny, 76oF, Wind from the W at 8mph
Henry Ford (Car Maker)
Harvey Firestone (Tire Maker)
Shanna Shaw (Bus Driver)
Most Cosmic Player

William Collins Whitney was a bright, handsome and ambitious young man from Conway, Massachusetts. He was descended from William Bradford who arrived on the Mayflower in 1620. William went to Williston and then Yale. He was a very popular student, charming and surefooted. (Source: New York Social Diary)
Frank Oglesby Jr.

Oglesby is the voice behind the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority system. He is also the MBTA's deputy director of customer service for operations. He has been doing MBTA voice-overs for the last 20 years, starting with employee training and safety videos in 1989 and then with his first subway announcements in the early 90s

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