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The Jimmy Rosellis @ The Frank Sinatras

A Cosmic Baseball Game

This game is part of the CBA's Frank Sinatra Centennial Series


Frank Sinatra (born 1915) and Jimmy Roselli (b. 1925) were both born in Hoboken, New Jersey. Both were born in the month of December. Both were Catholics from Italian families.Both became popular American songbirds, crooners. Both died elderly in Los Angeles, California from broken-down hearts.

When Sinatra died in 1998 at the age of 82, an elaborate funeral mass, attended by over 400 people was celebrated at Good Shepherd Roman Catholic Church in Beverly Hills, California.

Roselli died in 2011. About 100 friends and family attended the mass at St. Ann's Catholic Church in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Sinatra's death and funeral generated considerable coverage in the popular media. Roselli's death, according to one observer received scant attention beyond the New Jersey press (Joseph Sciorra, July 6, 2011).

Frank Sinatra and Jimmy Roselli did not like each other.


It was just [Roselli's] luck to be born a songbird in the same town as the singer who would transform pop music. Jimmy Roselli grew up half a block from Frank Sinatra (his grandfather and Frank's father were best friends), sang the same type of songs (even some of the same songs), traveled in the same circles. They couldn't stand each other. (New York Times. June 11, 1968)

Jimmy Roselli and Frank Sinatra disliked each other because, according to some sources, Sinatra thought Roselli had disrespected Dolly Sinatra, Frank's mother. Dolly had asked Roselli to perform at a benefit for the St. Joseph's School for the Blind. "She wanted Jimmy Roselli to sing but he refused to do it; Frank got so mad at him for turning down his mother that he never spoke to him again." (Nancy Siracusa as quoted by Kitty Kelley, His Way. Page 391.)



Anna Lavella Roselli

First Base

Scoop Roselli

Right Field

Antonetta "Etts" Roselli

Center Field

Donna Tumolo Roselli
Second Wife

Third Base

Angeline Guiffra Roselli
First Wife

Left Field

Phil Roselli

Second Base

Anne Roselli

Short Stop

Michael Roselli


Jimmy Roselli
Born 1925



Natalina "Dolly" Sinatra

First Base

Nancy Barbato Sinatra
First Wife

Right Field

Ava Gardner Sinatra
Second Wife

Center Field

Frank Sinatra Jr

Third Base

Mia Farrow Sinatra
Third Wife

Left Field

Nancy Sinatra Jr

Second Base

Tina Sinatra

Short Stop

Anthony Sinatra


Frank Sinatra
Born 1915



In a biography of Roselli, published in 1998 (the year Sinatra died) Roselli's version of their feud is nuanced a bit.

In 1969 Dolly Sinatra had a leadership role in a charity run by Tony Provenzano. "Jimmy had sung for Dolly many times before, including [Dolly's granddaughter] Nancy Jr.'s fifteenth birthday. So [Roselli] had a closeness to the family to a certain extent," says Roselli's friend Al Certo.

But two bookmakers came in to Certo's shop and asked him to ask Roselli to sing at the charity benefit. Roselli got pissed off that Dolly did not ask him herself. And Frank got pissed at Roselli for refusing Dolly. (see Making the Wiseguys Weep- The Jimmy Roselli Story by David Evanier. Farrar Strauss and Giroux, New york: 1998. Page 164.)


      Inn. 1: Rosellis
[Starter] Frank Sinatra
Anna Roselli      9          . . .
Scoop Roselli     4-3        . . .
Etts Roselli      7          . . .
     Inn. 1: Sinatras
[Starter] Jimmy Roselli
Natalina Sinatra  1B         . . X
Nancy SinatraSr   1B         . X X
Ava Sinatra       5-4 F      X . X
Frank SinatraJr   1B         . X X 1
Mia Sinatra       1B         X X X
Nancy SinatraJr   6-4 F      X . X 1
Tina Sinatra      6-4 F      . . X
     Inn. 2: Rosellis
Donna Roselli     1B         . . X
Angeline Roselli  7          . . X
Phil Roselli      7          . . X
Anne Roselli      5-4 F      . . X
     Inn. 2: Sinatras
Anthony Sinatra   1B         . . X
Frank Sinatra     2-3 SAC    . X .
Natalina Sinatra  2B         . X . 1
Nancy SinatraSr   1B         X . X
Ava Sinatra       K          X . X
Frank SinatraJr   5-3        . X .
     Inn. 3: Rosellis
Michael Roselli   1B         . . X
Jimmy Roselli     3-4 FO     . . X
Anna Roselli      E-3        . X X
Scoop Roselli     3UN        X X .
Etts Roselli      1B         . . X 2
Donna Roselli     6-3        . X .
     Inn. 3: Sinatras
Mia Sinatra       7          . . .
Nancy SinatraJr   5-3        . . .
Tina Sinatra      7          . . .
     Inn. 4: Rosellis
Angeline Roselli  4-3        . . .
Phil Roselli      1B         . . X
Anne Roselli      7          . . X
Michael Roselli   7          . . X
     Inn. 4: Sinatras
Anthony Sinatra   6-3        . . .
Frank Sinatra     8          . . .
Natalina Sinatra  5-3        . . .
     Inn. 5: Rosellis
Jimmy Roselli     K          . . .
Anna Roselli      3-1        . . .
Scoop Roselli     3-1        . . .
     Inn. 5: Sinatras
Nancy SinatraSr   6          . . .
Ava Sinatra       7          . . .
Frank SinatraJr   8          . . .
     Inn. 6: Rosellis
Etts Roselli      1B         . . X
Donna Roselli     5-4-3 DP   . . .
Angeline Roselli  4/E-3      . . X
Phil Roselli      K          . . X
     Inn. 6: Sinatras
Mia Sinatra       6          . . .
Nancy SinatraJr   5-3        . . .
Tina Sinatra      6-3        . . .
     Inn. 7: Rosellis
Anne Roselli      4-3        . . .
Michael Roselli   5-3        . . .
Jimmy Roselli     K          . . .
     Inn. 7: Sinatras
Anthony Sinatra   7          . . .
Frank Sinatra     6          . . .
Natalina Sinatra  7          . . .
     Inn. 8: Rosellis
Anna Roselli      BB         . . X
Scoop Roselli     5-3 SAC    . X .
Etts Roselli      8          . X .
Donna Roselli     1B         . . X 1
*SB:Donna Roselli SB         . X .
Angeline Roselli  E-6        X . X
Phil Roselli      6-4 F      . . X
     Inn. 8: Sinatras
Nancy SinatraSr   1B         . . X
Ava Sinatra       6-4-3 DP   . . .
Frank SinatraJr   1B         . . X
Mia Sinatra       BB         . X X
Nancy SinatraJr   2B         . X . 1
X@4:Mia Sinatra   7-2        . X .
     Inn. 9: Rosellis
Anne Roselli      2B         . X .
Michael Roselli   4-3        X . .
Jimmy Roselli     8 SACF     . . . 1
Anna Roselli      4-3        . . .
     Inn. 9: Sinatras
Tina Sinatra      5          . . .
Anthony Sinatra   6          . . .
Frank Sinatra     4-3        . . .
     Inn. 10: Rosellis
Scoop Roselli     BB         . . X
Etts Roselli      E-4        . X X
Donna Roselli     2-3 SAC    X X .
Angeline Roselli  5/E-3      X . X 1
Phil Roselli      1B/E-7     X X . 1
Anne Roselli      8          X X .
Michael Roselli   7          X X .
     Inn. 10: Sinatras
Natalina Sinatra  2 (Foul)   . . .
Nancy SinatraSr   1B         . . X
Ava Sinatra       5-4-3 DP   . . .

Rosellis Win Game, 6-4

When singing legend Connie Francis heard yesterday about the passing of fellow New Jersey vocalist Jimmy Roselli at age 85, she told The Jersey Journal today that it was "extremely saddening" news. "His singing, his Italian songs just blew me away," Francis said of Roselli's popular Neapolitanic vocals. "All these wise guys at the Copacabana were at their tables with their families...The one song that had the wise guys really crying was Roselli's rendition of "My Little Pal," possibly the unofficial mobster song....Francis said she is coming out with a book at the end of the year and she plans to divulge the real reasons for the strained relationship between the two Hoboken singers, Frank Sinatra and Roselli. The reason talked about...and mentioned in Kitty Kelly's unauthorized biography of Sinatra is that Dolly Sinatra, Frank's mom, was trying to get Roselli to sing at a fund-raising event for St. Joseph's School of the Blind in Jersey City. Besides asking for a certain orchestra, Roselli mentioned his fee. Dolly reminded Roselli that it was a benefit but the singer insisted on being paid. This led to a phone call to her son that hurt Roselli's career when he found Las Vegas and Hollywood closed to him. (The Jersey Journal, July 1, 2011)

Jimmy Roselli was and is the mob's favorite singer. He even calls himself "the sweetheart of the mob." New York mobster Larry Gallo was buried with one of Jimmy Roselli's albums resting in his arms. Roselli sang at John Gotti Jr.'s wedding reception. His rich, warm notes could, and did, bring Carlo Gambino to tears, and even on his worst day with a hangover, some people think Roselli could sing Frank Sinatra off a stage...Jimmy Roselli is who he is, for better or worse. In fact, halfway through the book, it becomes obvious to the reader that the Old Blue eyes banner song, "My Way," truly should have been sung by Roselli and not Sinatra. In fact, some contend that Sinatra was a Jimmy Roselli wannabe but without the balls...there's a case to be made for either liking Roselli or resenting him. I suspect Roselli would gleefully champion both sides of the argument just to annoy people. He is his own man. In an industry that crushes independent thinkers, that's no small thing. If there is a real hero of Hoboken, in the literal sense of what Hoboken means, it's Roselli. (from book review of Making The Wiseguys Weep: The Jimmy Roselli Story by John William Tuohy. July 25, 2001)


"Standing Room Only" is a screenplay for a biopic of Jimmy Roselli, an Italian-American crooner born and bred in Hoboken, New Jersey. Hoboken is also the hometown of Frank Sinatra, Roselli's lifelong rival whose shadow he could never escape. This story jumps back and forth in time, starting with the elder Jimmy in the present day as he and his 'crew' reminisce about the old days...We see Jimmy's gritty childhood, his youthful encounters with cocky young Sinatra, his struggle to hit it big as a singer, his brief time as a pop music star, his self-propelled flameout, and his years-long struggle to reclaim his lost showbiz glory...The focus of this script is on Roselli's bitter preoccupation with Frank Sinatra. Sinatra has all the success Jimmy felt he deserved; Roselli is considered by many Italian-Americans to have been a better singer than Ol' Blue Eyes...Like [Sinatra], Roselli's career was also tied to an assortment of organized crime figures...

Nothing much happens in this story...[Roselli] rises from the streets to stardom, loses it all, and then spends years trying to win it back. Yet he's nothing but an angry jerk from the moment you meet him until his last scene. It's forty years in the life of a surly hothead who behaves the same way in every scene...This Jimmy Roselli runs on only two speeds: seething and spewing...This script begins and ends with Jimmy Roselli playing Caesar's Palace in Atlantic City the night after Sinatra has passed away. Even in death, Ol' Blue Eyes steals the attention...Roselli, however, seems to exorcise his demons about Sinatra by performing Frank's signature tune, 'My Way.'

[The] script focuses on Roselli's apparent preoccupation with Frank Sinatra. Roselli is peeved that Sinatra made it and he didn't. Besides dissing Sinatra, Roselli slams nearly every other major pop music act of the mid-20th century: Dean Martin, Elvis, The Rolling Stones, Simon and Garfunkel...Roselli very well could've been a superior singer to them and he may not have lost touch with his roots the way some claim Sinatra did. But I'll tell you what Sinatra and Martin had that (this script's) Roselli doesn't project: a love for life...This script left me wondering 'what might have been' had Jimmy Roselli been able to take constructive criticism and had better control over his temper...(The STAX Report: Script Review of "Standing Room Only" September 28, 2001.)

GAME DATE March 31, 2015
GAME TIME 3 hours, 33 minutes
63o F
Wind NE 13mph
GAME UMPIRES Andreas Lubitz

Anthony Provenzano

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Most Cosmic Player
Phil Roselli




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