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Really, what is the Cosmic Baseball Association?

The COSMIC BASEBALL ASSOCIATION is a league of the imagination. It is a "fantasy" baseball league.

"Cosmic baseball" games do not, however, attempt to simulate a past reality. Instead, using baseball essentially as a metaphor for the life of the mind, "cosmic baseball" attempts to create imaginative realities. "Cosmic baseball" is a ludic and poetic endeavor. All players are encouraged to play.

The Cosmic Baseball Association was created on October 9, 1981 in Los Angeles, California during a Major League Baseball players strike. "Cosmic baseball" emerged from the rising dissatisfaction with reality baseball. Major League Baseball was corrupt and ubiquitous greed had soured the sport; but not its myths. These myths buried in a myriad of traditions became the inspiration for the creation of "cosmic baseball."

In addition to the superficial explanation for the origins of "cosmic baseball" given above, a further, more subterranean motive generated the creation of the Cosmic Baseball Association. Namely, the desire to incorporate disorganized, disparate and coincidental data. This flood of data, a virtual collection of ephemera collected through the years of my education and beyond into adulthood, was the original source material used to build and structure the Cosmic Baseball Association.

While it was created more than a decade before the widespread emergence of the Internet, the Cosmic Baseball Association is essentially a project well suited for the non-linear hypertext environment of the World Wide Web. The first Cosmic Baseball Association web pages appeared on the Internet in 1995. Today several thousand visitors view pages at the Cosmic Baseball Association's website each week.

Thank you for your interest in "cosmic baseball."

Andrew Lampert
Silver Spring, Maryland
         July 1, 2002

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