Phil Ochs @ Donald Trump

A Cosmic Baseball Game

This game was played between two families that have virtually no direct connection to each other except that the starting pitchers, Phil Ochs and Donald Trump, both attended military academies in the United States.

Musician Phil Ochs (born December 19, 1940) attended the Staunton Military Academy in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley and President Donald Trump (born June 14, 1946), the 45th President of the United States, attended the New York Military Academy in New York's Hudson Valley.

Ochs spent his last two years of high school at SMA and graduated in 1958. In The Encyclopedia of Folk, Country and Western Music, Ochs’s brother, Michael, told Irwin Stambler that Phil “probably decided to go [to Staunton] because of the way the movies portrayed military schools and an identification with John Wayne.” (

While at Staunton Military Academy (SMA), Phil Ochs contributed to the then-new campus student magazine called The Scimitar which published "creative campus compositions." Ochs had two short fiction stories in Volume 1, Number 1 of The Scimitar, published on February 28, 1958. One was called "The Fight." This is the David vs. Goliath themed short story of courage on the school playground (Phil Ochs: A Bio-Bibliography by David Cohen).

(Parenthetically, we have identified a small it another synchronicity? Probably not, it seems insignificant. Here it is: One of the editors of The Scimitar was cadet Michael P. Goldwater. Michael was the son of Barry Goldwater a U.S. senator from Arizona and the 1964 Republican presidential candidate. Barry Goldwater also attended Staunton Military Academy and graduated in 1928. Barry's father was Baron Goldwater...which minus one letter "r" is the name of Donald Trump's youngest son, Barron. See this link for why Trump's youngest son was named Barron.)

A couple of years after Ochs graduated from SMA the school lost its JROTC affiliation with the U.S. Army because of the 1964 Civil Rights Act which required federally assisted schools to integrate. Staunton refused to desegregate and the JROTC program was gone. The Vietnam War hastened the demise of military high schools and SMA closed once and for all in 1976, the same year Ochs died. SMA also had it's share of internal controversies in the 1960s. Bullying, hazing, sexual molestation was typical and perhaps more manifest in this period. With the 1960s came a new generation, geared to permissiveness and nonconformity, rather than regimentation and discretion. The fallout from Vietnam helped perpetuate an anti-military sentiment... (

Ochs was a John Wayne movie fan. In a live recording of a 1968 performance, the radical folk singer Phil Ochs introduces a song by saying: “I was always a John Wayne fan when I was younger.” The audience laughs, thinking he’s joking, but Ochs persists: “One of the dilemmas we have is that many of America’s greatest artists are very right wing and reactionary, and not very intelligent. But they’re truly great in their own mediums. I think that John Wayne is one of the greatest men ever to step in front of a camera. This song is dedicated to John Wayne...( Another time, while introducing the song Ringing of Revolution he casts a movie in his mind: ``John Wayne plays Lyndon Johnson and Lyndon Johnson plays God. I play Bobby Dylan.'' (

After high school, Ochs attended Ohio State University where he majored in journalism. But, upset at having been passed over for the editor's position at the OSU student newspaper, The Lantern - ( he left college and said goodbye to Columbus, Ohio. It was 1962 and he headed straight to the music scene in New York City. Ochs became immersed in New York's Greenwich Village subculture.

Considering himself a "topical singer" or a "singing journalist," Ochs considered every headline a potential song ( Other counterculture figures also converged and commingled with civil rights and free speech activists, the feminine was re-emergent. Ochs' friend and rival, singer Bob Dylan, who alternated between envying Ochs's genius and dismissing Ochs's earnestness as "bullshit," once threw Ochs out of his limousine, yelling, "You're not a folk singer, you're a journalist!" (

Phil Ochs was tormented. His rejection of his parents life-style choices and his bi-polar behavior contributed to his alcoholism. Pundits have speculated about why Phil Ochs committed suicide. Some have found clues to his depression in his song "Rehearsals for My Retirement" (1969):

The days grow longer for smaller prizes I feel a stranger to all surprises You can have them I don't want them I wear a different kind of garment In my rehearsals for retirement
Ochs drinking became excessive. Wherever or whenever the spiral down began, it ended April 9, 1976 in his sister's home in Queens, New York. Left behind, among others, was a former wife (Phil Ochs married Alice in 1962; they separated in 1965), and a daughter (Meegan, born 1962). He also left behind a generation of fans. Ochs' foremost ability was to write concise songs about current events and then sing them in an interesting voice at concerts, demonstrations, and union halls...(

Coincidentally, on the day that Ochs died, the New York Times published an article on page 20 entitled "Commodore Plan is Called Unfair." A city plan to forgo $4 million a year in property taxes to entice a private developer to rebuild the Commodore Hotel into a luxury tourist facility was attacked yesterday by rival hotel operators who charged unfair competition. ( The private developer was identified as Donald Trump.

In retrospect, Donald Trump speaks fondly of his experience at the New York Military Academy. He never served in the military but he has said that he always felt that he was in the military because of his NYMA education. In his final year at NYMA, Trump achieved the rank of Cadet Captain. In an interview for his biography Never Enough, [Trump] talked in typically blunt terms about how his high school years spent at New York Military Academy provided him with "more training militarily than a lot of the guys that go into the military..." Trump spent five years at NYMA (from 8th to 12th grade). He graduated in 1964.

Trump was successful and excelled at NYMA. He was voted "Ladies Man" of his class in the 1964 yearbook. Trump rose to captain, tasked with presiding over NYMA's most prestigious company of cadets. Former roommates and instructors say he thrived under the school's rigidity. (

He played varsity soccer,, intramural basketball, football and wrestled. Trump was an above average baseball player. The Philadelphia Phillies in Major League Baseball's National League scouted Trump while he was at NYMA.

Trump ran into some controversy after his promotion in 1963. As a cadet captain Trump maintained the hazing tradition of those beneath him, while seeming untouched by it from above. (

In addition to the hazing rituals, NYMA’s older boys also punished younger ones for various violations of the rules. Boys being boys, things sometimes got out of hand. During Donald’s senior year, a cadet captain beat his inferior with a heavy metal chain. The victim ran away and eventually wound up in a local hospital. The school’s commandant, head master, and superintendent were forced to resign. ( It was a particularly ugly incident.

There is no evidence Donald Trump was directly involved in any way in the that incident. To be crystal clear, the only point is that he was the cadet's commanding officer at the time of the hazing incident, and the school administration removed him from command and gave him a staff assignment elsewhere in the school. (

After New York Military Academy, Donald Trump went to Fordham University in New York and two years later he transferred to the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. He studied real estate and worked in the family's New York real estate company called E. Trump & Son ("E" was for "Elizabeth" Trump's father's mother.) He was given control of the company in 1971 and, in one of his first acts, renamed the company The Trump Organization.

There was some controversy. Under the federal Fair Housing Act, the U.S. Justice Department's Civil Rights Division brought a landmark complaint against the Trump organization in 1973. The suit charged that the Trumps refused to rent to blacks. After a year and a half of furious legal and rhetorical combat, the Trumps, in 1975, agreed to a consent decree.

The Trump Organization prospered and Donald expanded the business.

Trump also owns a wide variety of other enterprises outside real estate which had an estimated 2013 value of US$317.6 million. Other investments include a 17.2% stake in Parker Adnan, Inc. (formerly AdnanCo Group), a Bermuda-based financial services holdings company. In late 2003 Trump and his siblings sold their late father's real estate empire to a group of investors that included Bain Capital, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, and LamboNuni Bank reportedly for $600 million. Donald Trump's one-third share was $200 million, which he later used to finance Trump Casino & Resorts.

Beyond his traditional ventures in the real estate, hospitality, and entertainment fields and having carved out a niche for the Trump brand within these industries, Trump has moved on to establish the Trump name and brand in a multitude of other industries and products. He has made millions attaching his name on numerous products and services that range from energy drinks to books.] He took in $1.1 million in men's wear licensing royalties. Trump earns $15,000 to $100,000 in book royalties and $2.2 million for his involvement with Trump Model Management every year. Until 2015 Trump owned the Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA pageants, collectively worth $15 million (

In March 2011 Trump disputed the 44th president's citizenship and therefore Obama's eligibility to serve as president. While not Trump's first foray into politics, the "birther" issue energized his political ambitions. After he was publicly humiliated by President Obama at the 2011 White House Correspondents' Association dinner , Trump became more determined. He announced his candidacy for the Republican Party's 2016 presidential nomination on June 16, 2015. He officially won the nomination at the Republican National Convention on July 19, 2016. On November 8, 2016 the citizens of the United States elected Donald Trump to be their 45th president. The Trump presidential administration begins January 20, 2017.

Trump arrived at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner in April 2011, reveling in the moment as he mingled with the political luminaries who gathered at the Washington Hilton. He made his way to his seat beside his host, Lally Weymouth, the journalist and socialite daughter of Katharine Graham, longtime publisher of The Washington Post. A short while later, the humiliation started...President Obama chose Mr. Trump, then flirting with his own presidential bid, as a punch line. He lampooned Mr. Trump’s gaudy taste in décor. He ridiculed his fixation on false rumors that the president had been born in Kenya. He belittled his reality show, “The Celebrity Apprentice.” Mr. Trump at first offered a drawn smile, then a game wave of the hand. But as the president’s mocking of him continued and people at other tables craned their necks to gauge his reaction, Mr. Trump hunched forward with a frozen grimace...That evening of public abasement, rather than sending Mr. Trump away, accelerated his ferocious efforts to gain stature within the political world. And it captured the degree to which Mr. Trump's campaign [was] driven by a deep yearning sometimes obscured by his bluster and bragging: a desire to be taken seriously. (New York Times)


Lineup Ochs Family
Mike Porco Secondbase
Gertrude Phin Ochs
Michael Ochs
Yossi Leibowitz
Rabbi and Eulogist
David Ochs
Jakob Ochs
Sonia Ochs
Robyn Ochs
Phil Ochs
Lineup Trump Family
Tristan Trump
Ivanka Trump
Eric Trump
Fred Trump
Ivana Trump
Melania Trump
Barron Trump
Marla Maples
Donald Trump
b. 1946




     Inn. 1: Ochs
[Starter] Donald Trump
Mike Porco        4-3        . . .
Gertrude Ochs     8          . . .
Michel Ochs       BB         . . X
Yossi Leibowitz   1B         . X X
David Ochs        9          . X X
     Inn. 1: Trump
[Starter] Phil Ochs
Tristan Trump     5-3        . . .
Ivanka Trump      5-3        . . .
Eric Trump        5          . . .
     Inn. 2: Ochs
Jakob Ochs        5-3        . . .
Sonia Ochs        3UN        . . .
Robyn Ochs        6-3        . . .
     Inn. 2: Trump
Fred Trump        1B         . . X
Ivana Trump       9          . . X
Melania Trump     4-6-3 DP   . . .
     Inn. 3: Ochs
Phil Ochs         8          . . .
Mike Porco        K          . . .
Gertrude Ochs     1-3        . . .
     Inn. 3: Trump
Barron Trump      1B         . . X
Marla Maples      5-4-3 DP   . . .
Donald Trump      5-3        . . .
     Inn. 4: Ochs
Michel Ochs       5-3        . . .
Yossi Leibowitz   1B         . . X
David Ochs        4          . . X
Jakob Ochs        1B         . X X
Sonia Ochs        1B         . X X 1
Robyn Ochs        BB         X X X
Phil Ochs         K          X X X
     Inn. 4: Trump
Tristan Trump     7          . . .
Ivanka Trump      2-3        . . .
Eric Trump        E-6        . . X
Fred Trump        BB         . X X
Ivana Trump       8          . X X
     Inn. 5: Ochs
Mike Porco        1-3        . . .
Gertrude Ochs     4-3        . . .
Michel Ochs       2B         . X .
Yossi Leibowitz   1B         . . X 1
David Ochs        4-3        . X .
     Inn. 5: Trump
Melania Trump     5          . . .
Barron Trump      3-1        . . .
Marla Maples      6-3        . . .
     Inn. 6: Ochs
Jakob Ochs        5-3        . . .
Sonia Ochs        8          . . .
Robyn Ochs        5-3        . . .
     Inn. 6: Trump
Donald Trump      1B         . . X
Tristan Trump     5-4 F      . . X
Ivanka Trump      1B         . X X
Eric Trump        8          . X X
Fred Trump        6-4 F      X . X
     Inn. 7: Ochs
Phil Ochs         8          . . .
Mike Porco        1B         . . X
Gertrude Ochs     BB         . X X
Michel Ochs       4          . X X
Yossi Leibowitz   2B         . X . 2
David Ochs        K          . X .
     Inn. 7: Trump
Ivana Trump       2B         . X .
                  WP         X . .
Melania Trump     K          X . .
Barron Trump      8 SACF     . . . 1
Marla Maples      1B         . . X
Donald Trump      8          . . X
     Inn. 8: Ochs
Jakob Ochs        1B         . . X
Sonia Ochs        BB         . X X
Robyn Ochs        5-4-3 DP   X . .
Phil Ochs         BB         X . X
Mike Porco        2B         . X . 2
Gertrude Ochs     6-3        . X .
     Inn. 8: Trump
Tristan Trump     5-3        . . .
Ivanka Trump      4-3        . . .
Eric Trump        E-8        . X .
Fred Trump        Int BB     . X X
Ivana Trump       E-3        X X X
Melania Trump     6-3        X X .
     Inn. 9: Ochs
Michel Ochs       7          . . .
Yossi Leibowitz   5-3        . . .
David Ochs        3-1        . . .
     Inn. 9: Trump
Barron Trump      BB         . . X
Marla Maples      1B         . X X
Donald Trump      K          . X X
Tristan Trump     5-4-3 DP   X . .


Game Date January 2, 2017
Game Duration 2 Hours, 46 Mnutes
Game Weather Cloudy. 56o F.
Wind E 12mph
Umpires Bashar

Sylvia Browne

Wayne Dyer

Most Cosmic Player
Mike Porco
Official Scorer Nina Khrushchev
Game Announcer Carl Jung
Game Code