Selections on this plate are from Trance Endings which is
Karen Cora Duchamp's first published book of poetry. Ms. Duchamp currently lives in Washington, D.C. , a place she says is full of mystery and a place she plans on leaving before the next millennium.

But for Thee

An Alien Plan

But for Thee
I wasn't born on the fourth of July in America so I don't think my independence has any meaning. In a world of dependence and depending on one's point of view what I am depends completely on you. Born of the sea mythologically I developed on land pathologically and am now forever dependent on vertebrate biology. I prey upon and underneath the so-called body-politic fashioning a dashing poetic pre-formed matter-of-factly content with content contentious and puerile and servile caught in time bloodied by rhyme. "Forever and a day," they sing "is a forever long time." I go from child within to child without like swinging between trees like singing in the breeze like singing in the rain. I will or you must unlock the hidden to see if I am so full of what is and you too are so full such opposites gasp. For one and only one and two and three or more a vital community a certain society how many does it take how much is too much? But for thee, I am not forever.

An Alien Plan
[for P.C.] I had a plan: come to this alien land meet my special alien man and live my life atop alien sand. By the blue light I was to be the moon at night in my alien lover's sight life atop the sand I was told was an inalienable poetic right. But the plan was more a metaphor alien man alien sand in an alien land blue light poetic right washed away by a wave of hindsight.

Karen Cora Duchamp Poetry
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Published: December 24, 1999
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