Artist          Noah Lampert

Recording   House of the Rising Sax

  • EMC-CD72083-Compact Disk-US$9.00
  • EMC-T72083-Cassette Tape-US$9.00
Musicians     The Noah Lampert Session

Noah Lampert, Tenor Saxophone
Namita Murtha, Vocals
Tommy Rose, Drums
Travis Sorensen, Keyboards

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"House of the Rising Sun"
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House of the Rising Sax

The Tracks

  • Bust Up in Toronto (written by The Session)
  • Boston Raga (wr. by The Session)
  • Every Good Boy (wr. by The Session)
  • My Bum (wr. by Tom Green)
  • House of the Rising Sun (wr. by Erik Burton)
  • Titanica (wr. by The Session)

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