The Jack Kerouac 2016 Memorial Baseball Game

Trump Family @ Kerouac Family


The Jack Kerouac Memorial Baseball Game is played annually on March 12.

Like many children in America, Jack Kerouac and Donald Trump played baseball. Not together. Kerouac played baseball as a boy in Lowell, Massachusetts. Trump, played baseball when he was a student at New York Military Academy. Kerouac built a fantasy baseball league and became an inspirational novelist. Trump, the cadet, was scouted by two Major League Baseball teams (Phillies, Red Sox), and became an inspirational businessman and politician.

On January 4, 2016 Donald Trump delivered a speech at the Paul E. Tsongas Center in Lowell, Massachusetts. If Kerouac had been there, one writer imagined,

He would have been drunk, yelling, pumping his fist...Those were [Kerouac's] cousins in the bleachers of Lowell. They stopped looking at the horizon, the road, the frontier a long time ago. Now they're just watching TV, eyes fixed on a guy who says he's got something better... (Colin McEnroe, The Hartford Courant. January 7, 2016).

Since establishing himself as a successful businessman, Trump's intersections with professional Major League Baseball have been controversial. He was annoyed that members of the family that owned the Chicago Cubs had contributed money to the Super PAC "Our Principles PAC" founded in January 2016. Our Principles PAC, created by a former Romney political consultant is an anti-Trump organization that raises money to fund projects that will thwart Trump's presidential candidacy.

On the day that Major League Baseball announced that it denied Pete Rose's petition for reinstatement Trump came out in public support for the banned player.

On February 22, 2016 Trump tweeted about the family that owns the Chicago Cubs. A member of the family had contributed money to an anti-Trump PAC.

The Trumps
Tristan Trump
Ivanka Trump
Eric Trump
Fred Trump
Ivana Trump
1st Wife
Melania Trump
3rd Wife
Barron Trump
Marla Maples
2nd Wife
Donald Trump
b. June 14, 1946
The Kerouacs
Leo Kerouac
Gabriela Kerouac
Stella Kerouac
3rd Wife
Joan Haverty
2nd Wife
Edie Parker
1st Wife
Nin Kerouac
Beatrice Kozera
Esperanza Villanueva
Jack Kerouac
b. March 12, 1922

Kerouac played an early version of [his imaginary] baseball game in his backyard in Lowell, Mass., hitting a marble with a nail, or possibly a toothpick, and noting where it landed. By 1946, when Kerouac was 24, he had devised a set of cards with precise verbal descriptions of various outcomes (“slow roller to ss,” for example), depending on the skill levels of the pitcher and batter.(Charles McGrath, "Another Side of Kerouac: The Dharma Bum as Sports Nut", New York Times, May 15, 2009). (See also The Summer League at the Cosmic Baseball Association)


Donald Trump has done a better job of displaying real courage than anyone else running this year. Donald Trump has had the courage to say things and do things that people tell him he can’t do. We need that, in a President. We need somebody who is willing to stand up and say “You don’t make the rules for me. I make the rules for me.” I applaud Trump for being that person. (Bill James, "Trump. As in Rump." February 23, 2016)


Kerouac's enthusiasm for the Nebraska farmer is part of his general readiness to find the source of all vitality and virtue in simple rural types and in the dispossessed urban groups (Negroes, bums, whores). His idea of life in New York is "millions and millions hustling forever for a buck among themselves . . . grabbing, taking, giving, sighing, dying, just so they could be buried in those awful cemetery cities beyond Long Island City," whereas the rest of America is populated almost exclusively by the true of heart. There are intimations here of a kind of know-nothing populist sentiment, but in other ways this attitude resembles Nelson Algren's belief that bums and whores and junkies are more interesting than white-collar workers or civil servants. The difference is that Algren hates middle-class respectability for moral and political reasons-the middle class exploits and persecutes-while Kerouac, who is thoroughly unpolitical, seems to feel that respectability is a sign not of moral corruption but of spiritual death. (Norman Podhoretz, "The Know-Nothing Bohemians", 1958)

     Inn. 1: The Trumps
[Starter] KerouacJ
Tristan Trump     4-3        . . .
Ivanka Trump      3-1        . . .
Eric Trump        4          . . .
     Inn. 1: The Kerouacs
[Starter] Donald Trump
KerouacL          1-3        . . .
KerouacGa         2B         . X .
KerouacS          2-3        . X .
Haverty           5-3        . X .
     Inn. 2: The Trumps
Fred Trump        2B         . X .
Ivana Trump       4-3        X . .
Melania Trump     8 SACF     . . . 1
Barron Trump      E-6        . . X
Marla Maples      2B         . X . 1
Donald Trump      K          . X .
     Inn. 2: The Kerouacs
Parker            5-3        . . .
KerouacN          K          . . .
Kozera            4-3        . . .
     Inn. 3: The Trumps
Tristan Trump     BB         . . X
Ivanka Trump      7          . . X
*SB:Tristan Trump SB         . X .
Eric Trump        E-7        . X . 1
*SB:Eric Trump    SB         X . .
                  WP         . . . 1
Fred Trump        4-3        . . .
Ivana Trump       BB         . . X
Melania Trump     8          . . X
     Inn. 3: The Kerouacs
Villanueva        7          . . .
KerouacJ          K          . . .
KerouacL          7          . . .
     Inn. 4: The Trumps
Barron Trump      3-1        . . .
Marla Maples      7          . . .
Donald Trump      1B         . . X
X@2:Donald Trump  CS 2-4     . . .
     Inn. 4: The Kerouacs
KerouacGa         K          . . .
KerouacS          4-3        . . .
Haverty           BB         . . X
Parker            K          . . X
     Inn. 5: The Trumps
Tristan Trump     7          . . .
Ivanka Trump      3          . . .
Eric Trump        5-3        . . .
     Inn. 5: The Kerouacs
KerouacN          7          . . .
Kozera            5-3        . . .
Villanueva        1B         . . X
KerouacJ          1B         . X X
KerouacL          7          . X X
     Inn. 6: The Trumps
Fred Trump        8          . . .
Ivana Trump       1B         . . X
Melania Trump     7          . . X
*SB:Ivana Trump   SB         . X .
Barron Trump      4-3        X . .
     Inn. 6: The Kerouacs
KerouacGa         1B         . . X
KerouacS          2B         X X .
Haverty           Int BB     X X X
Parker            BB         X X X 1
KerouacN          5-4 F      X . X 1
Kozera            6-4-3 DP   . . .
     Inn. 7: The Trumps
Marla Maples      7          . . .
Donald Trump      K          . . .
Tristan Trump     E-4        . . X
Ivanka Trump      8          . . X
     Inn. 7: The Kerouacs
Villanueva        E-4        . . X
KerouacJ          5-3 SAC    . X .
KerouacL          BB         . X X
KerouacGa         5UN-3 DP   . X .
     Inn. 8: The Trumps
Eric Trump        1B         . . X
*SB:Eric Trump    SB         . X .
Fred Trump        K          . X .
Ivana Trump       K          . X .
Melania Trump     HBP        . X X
Barron Trump      1B         . X X 1
Marla Maples      4-3        X X .
     Inn. 8: The Kerouacs
KerouacS          1B         . . X
Haverty           6-3        . X .
Parker            1B         X . X
KerouacN          5 (Foul)   X . X
Kozera            5-3        . X .
     Inn. 9: The Trumps
Donald Trump      9          . . .
Tristan Trump     1-3        . . .
Ivanka Trump      7          . . .
     Inn. 9: The Kerouacs
Villanueva        4-3        . . .
KerouacJ          1B         . . X
KerouacL          K          . . X
KerouacGa         3UN        . X .

Trump Family WINS Game , 5-2

“I think [Trump] has really woken America up,” Rocker told The Daily Caller on Tuesday. “I’m probably as disheartened as everyone else is, as Trump supporters seem to be, with the status quo and the glad-handing politicians and the sound bite politicians always looking for the right comment to make.” (

Game Date March 12, 2016
Weather 61o, Cloudy
Wind NE at 12mph
Game MCP Erik Trump
Game Umpires Barbie Strangelove

Baba Yaga

Dr. Commander Selvam

Official Scorer Herman Cain
Game Announcer Bob Dylan
Game Comments
It was an older Kerouac who pitched his team to defeat in this game. The game was already lost when Kerouac hit Trump's third wife. Was he trying to brush her off the plate...or was it frustration that vectored the ball into Melania Trump's body? And there was controversy over Kerouac's roster. What's "family" mean? Why is a Mexican prostitute a family member? Why isn't Kerouac's daughter on the roster or his nephew.?...But this game is played to celebrate the American writer not complain that his team did not win.
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