This special plate is an ongoing project of the Cosmic Baseball Research Alliance (COBRA). It is an attempt to build a chronology of events related to Jack Kerouac's life and work. Kerouac is considered the "father" of the Beat Generation. He is credited with the development and practice of "spontaneous bop prosody" a literary technique akin to jazz and automatic writing. A vanguard writer, Kerouac's importance to 20th century literature is undisputed. Jack Kerouac also plays leftfield for the Dharma Beats, a cosmic baseball team competing in the Overleague.

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¶October 15: Gabrielle Levesque and Leo Kerouac are married at the St. Louis de Gonzague Catholic Church in Nashua, New Hampshire.

¶August 23: Gerard Kerouac, Jack's older brother is born at Blanchard's Private Hospital in Dracut, Massachusetts.

¶October 25: Caroline Kerouac, Jack's older sister is born in Lowell, Massachusetts.

¶March 12: Jack Kerouac is born, 5 P.M. in Lowell, Massachusetts. "a fair mild Sunday". He is the third child (second son) of Leo and Gabrielle Kerouac. Brother of Caroline and Gerard. The Kerouac family home is at 9 Lupine Street. ¶March 19: Kerouac is baptized at St. Louis de France Church in Centralville by the Reverend D.W. Boisvert.
¶Oswald Spengler publishes Decline of the West. ¶James Joyce publishes Ulysses

¶Leo Kerouac opens his own print shop business, Spotlight Print, on Market Street in Lowell.
[Jack's mother, Gabrielle]


¶The Kerouac family moves to 35 Burnaby Street in Lowell.

¶Family moves to 34 Beaulieu Street in Lowell. ¶February 8: Neal Cassady born in Salt Lake City, Utah. ¶June 3: Allen Ginsberg is born in Newark, New Jersey. ¶June 2: Kerouac's brother Gerard dies from rheumatic fever.

¶Kerouac family moves to 320 Hildreth Street in Lowell's Centrallville district..

¶May 17: Kerouac takes his first communion while attending St. Louis de France Parochial School.

¶Spring: Kerouac receives his first Communion. ¶Family moves to 240 Hildreth Street.

Kerouac family moves to 66 West Street in Lowell.

¶Leo Kerouac borrows money from Scoopy Dionne so the print shop can be moved to a better location.

¶Kerouac family moves to 16 Phebe Avenue in the Pawtucketville section of Lowell. ¶Kerouac attends 5th grade at St. Joseph's Parochial School. ¶Kerouac becomes an altar boy at St. Jean Baptiste Cathedral.
[photo: Kerouac's drawing of Dr. Sax]

¶Kerouac displays interest in reading and writing.¶Skips 6th grade and enters the 7th grade at Bartlett Junior High School. ¶Begins carrying a spiral notebook to write in. ¶Kerouac is friends with Sebastian Sampas. ¶In Miss Mansfield's writing club Kerouac writes a story called "The Cop and the Beat."

¶July: Kerouac, walking with his mother, witnesses a man's death on the Moody Street Bridge in Lowell. ¶Fall: Leo Kerouac takes his son to Rockingham Park to see his first horse race. ¶Kerouac creates his horse racing fantasy and its chronicle, "The Turf." "Way back in the beginning, the dismal rainy 1934's when I used to keep history of myself..." (Dr. Sax).

¶Kerouac family moves to Sarah Avenue. ¶Summer: Kerouac starts his "summer league" baseball fantasy using an iron ball bearing and a nail. ¶Begins playing sand lot football. ¶Kerouac scores nine touchdowns as his Dracut Tigers football team defeat the Rosemont Tigers, 60-0.
[photo: Kerouac as a teenager]

¶Kerouac graduates Bartlett Junior High School. ¶March: Leo Kerouac's printing business damaged by the flooding of the Merrimack River. ¶Kerouac and Scotty Beaulieu are co-managers of the Dracut Tigers baseball team who are 1-10 in the W.P.A. league.

¶Kerouac meets Peggy Coffey. ¶May 30: Kerouac's sister Caroline marries Charles Morisette. ¶November: Kerouac stars in Lowell High School's football victory over Lawrence High School.

¶Jan 1: Kerouac meets Mary Carney. ¶Kerouac bats .385 for the Dracut Tigers. ¶Leo Kerouac loses his printing business.

[Mary Carney]

¶June 28: Kerouac graduates Lowell High School. ¶Sept 22: Kerouac begins a post-graduate year at Horace Mann Prep school in New York. ¶November 22: Lowell Sun newspaper prints an article about Kerouac's football achievements at Horace Mann. ¶Kerouac's short story "The Brothers" is published in the Horace Mann Quarterly. ¶Kerouac exposed to and influenced by jazz he hears at Harlem clubs.. ¶Smokes marijuana for the first time. ¶December: Kerouac loses his virginity with a Manhattan prostitute.

¶March: Kerouac has a second story, "Une Veille de Noel" published at Horace Mann. ¶April: Takes Mary Carney to Horace Mann Spring Prom. ¶Summer: Re-establishes friendship with Sammy Sampas who recommends he read Thomas Wolfe's novels. ¶September: Kerouac starts attending Columbia University on a football scholarship. ¶October 12: Kerouac breaks his leg during a football game

¶January: Kerouac joins the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. ¶May: Kerouac is elected vice-president of the next Columbia sophomore class. ¶June 4: Kerouac reads "Song of Myself" by Walt Whitman. ¶Summer: Kerouac is in Lowell with his friends Sammy Sampas and G.J. Apostolos. Reads James Joyce's Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. ¶October 13: Kerouac rents an Underwood typewriter. ¶Fall: Kerouac leaves Columbia.

¶July21: Kerouac joins Merchant Marines and sails to Greenland aboard the S.S. Dorchester. (The Dorchester will be sunk on February 3 when it is hit by a torpedo launched by a German U-Boat. Only 229 of 751 individuals will survive.) ¶October 5: Kerouac is discharged from the Merchant Marines in New York. ¶Kerouac creates the "Duluoz" pseudonym.

¶January: Kerouac reads The Theory of the Leisure Class by Thorsten Veblen. ¶February: Kerouac joins the Navy. ¶September: Kerouac is discharged from the Navy. ¶Sails to Liverpool on the S.S. George Weems. ¶September 21: Writes "The Romanticist" while in the port of Liverpool. ¶Returns to New York and starts hanging out at 421 West 118th Street, Apartment No. 15, home to Joan Vollmer and Edie Parker. ¶Kerouac meets Lucien Carr.

¶February 21: Kerouac's Uncle Joseph (father Leo's brother) dies from asthma and is buried in Nashua, New Hampshire. ¶February: Kerouac meets William Burroughs. ¶Burroughs gives Kerouac a copy of Spengler's Decline of the West. ¶Lucien Carr invokes the "New Vision" concept. ¶March 2: Kerouac's childhood friend, Sebastian "Sammy" Sampas dies fighting in World War II on the beaches of Anzio in Italy. ¶Spring: Lucien Carr introduces Kerouac to Ginsberg. ¶August 14: Lucien Carr kills David Kammerer, Kerouac is arrested for helping Carr dispose of evidence. ¶August 22: Kerouac marries Edie Parker to raise bail money. ¶October: Kerouac sails on the SS Robert Treat Paine from New York to Norfolk, Virginia. ¶November 16: Kerouac estimates that since 1939 he has written some 600,000 words. ¶December: Edie Parker and Joan Vollmer move into communal apartment at 419 West 115th Street. Kerouac, Ginsberg and Burroughs will live at the apartment. Herbert Huncke will be a frequent visitor.

¶Kerouac co-writes with Burroughs And the Hippos Were Boiled in Their Tanks¶May 1: Kerouac conceives idea for first novel that will examine the differences between Lowell and New York City.

[image: Kerouac self-portrait]
¶May 17: Leo Kerouac (father) dies of stomach cancer. ¶May 19: Leo Kerouac's wake and burial in St. Louis de Gonzague cemetary, Nashua, New Hampshire. ¶Kerouac begins writing The Town and the City. ¶Huncke introduces the word "beat" to Kerouac, et. al .¶Kerouac begins using the drug Benzedrine regularly.¶Summer: communal group begins to disband. ¶September 18: In Michigan, Edie Parker files for an annulment of her marriage to Jack Kerouac.¶December: Kerouac meets Neal Cassady. ¶ Kerouac's marriage to Edie Parker is annulled.

[Edie Parker]

¶March 4: Cassady leaves New York after his first visit. ¶July 17: Kerouac takes a bus to Denver. (This begins his first trip on the road. He takes busses and hitchhikes to the West coast via Denver. July 24: Kerouac in Cheyenne, Wyoming. ¶July 28: Arrives in Denver, Colorado. ¶August 10: Kerouac arrives in San Francisco. ¶October: Kerouac returns to New York.

¶May: Kerouac completes The Town and the City. ¶June 10: Paul Blake, Jr., Jack's nephew born in North Carolina. ¶July: Meets John Clellon Holmes. ¶August 23: Kerouac comes up with the title "On the Road." ¶November: Kerouac completes early version of On The Road. about his 1947 trip across the country. ¶December 29: Cassady, his wife Luanne Henderson and Al Hinkle arrive at Kerouac's sister's home, where he is living with his mother, in North Carolina.

[photo: Neal Cassady & Jack Kerouac]

¶January 28: Kerouac's departs New York with Cassady, Henderson and Al Hinkle. (This begins the second cross country trip which will be incorporated into a later draft of On the Road. ¶February: Kerouac, in San Francisco, takes a bus back to his sister's home in North Carolina. completing the second cross country trip. ¶March 29: The Town and the City is accepted for publication by Harcourt Brace. Kerouac will receive a $1,000 advance in monthly installments. ¶May: Kerouac moves to Denver. His mother will join him in Denver. ¶July: Kerouac's mother returns east; she didn't like living in Denver. ¶Fall: Kerouac uses the term "beat generation" for the first time.

¶March 2:The Town and the City is published. ¶May: Kerouac takes a book publicity trip to Denver. Stays with Ed White. Romance with Beverly Burford. ¶June: Neal Cassady arrives in Denver and Kerouac drives to Mexico with Neal. Visits Bill and Joan Burroughs in Mexico. Kerouac is now a frequent user of marijuana and Benzedrine. While in Mexico, Kerouac gets dysentery. ¶July: Kerouac hitchhikes from Mexico back to mother's apartment in Richmond Hill (New York). ¶November 3: Meets Joan Haverty. ¶November 17:Marries Joan Haverty in Greenwich Village. ¶December 27: Kerouac receives Neal Cassady's "Joan Anderson Letter."

[photo: Joan Haverty]

¶January: Kerouac and his new wife move to 454 West 20th Street. ¶Friend Ed White suggests Kerouac try writing the way artists sketch. ¶March: John Clellon Holmes shows Kerouac his completed draft of his novel about the Beat Generation (published as Go.) ¶April: Kerouac writes a new version On the Road on a paper scroll. ¶April: Kerouac and Joan Haverty separate. Kerouac goes to North Carolina to his sister's home. ¶May: Kerouac learns that his estranged wife is pregnant. ¶October 25: Kerouac discovers his "writing soul" and begins writing "sketches" using "wild form" called "spontaneous bop prose." ¶Recasts the "horizontal" On the Road into the "vertical" Visions of Cody using the "modern spontaneous method." ¶December 18: Kerouac arrives at San Francisco home of Neal and Carolyn Cassady. ¶December: Ace Books gives Kerouac $250 advance for On the Road.

¶January-April: Kerouac is living with Neal and Carolyn Cassady in California. ¶February 16: Janet Michelle Kerouac born in Albany. She is Jack's daughter with Joan Haverty. ¶February: Jack and Carolyn Cassady are intimate. ¶Kerouac has first psychedelic experience when Philip Lamantia gives him peyote.¶April: In Mexico, Kerouac writes Dr. Sax using "spontaneous prose" method and marijuana. ¶Fall: John Clellon Holmes' novel, Go is published. ¶November 16: "This is the Beat Generation" an essay by John Clellon Holmes is published in the New York Times Magazine. ¶Kerouac works as student brakeman for railroad in California. ¶Book of Dreams project begun. ¶December: In New York, Kerouac is living with his mother at her Richmond Hill home.

[Carolyn Cassady and Kerouac]

¶January-February: In Long Island, Kerouac writes Maggie Cassidy. ¶May-June: In San Jose, California working for the Southern Pacific railroad. ¶June: Kerouac signs up as a waiter on the S.S. William Carruth bound for Korea but quits in New Orleans ¶July-October: Kerouac meets and has a love affair with "Mardou Fox" in New York. ¶October: Kerouac writesThe Subterraneans. ¶Fall: Kerouac writes "Essentials of Spontaneous Prose."

["Mardou Fox"]

¶January 27: Kerouac hitchhikes to California from New York. ¶February 8: Kerouac visits the Cassady's in Los Gatos, California. ¶February: Interest in Buddhism begins as Kerouac reads Dwight Goddard's A Buddhist Bible; begins writing "Some of the Dharma." ¶March: Kerouac moves into the Cameo Hotel in San Francisco; friends with Al Sublette. Begins writing San Francisco Blues poems. Begins Book of Dreams. ¶April: Kerouac takes a bus back to his mother's house in Richmond Hill (New York). Works briefly on the Brooklyn waterfront but quits because of phlebitis condition. ¶April-August: Starts writing science fiction story "cityCityCITY". ¶Summer: Sterling Lord becomes Kerouac's literary agent. ¶August 21: Malcolm Cowley in a Saturday Review article refers to Kerouac's unpublished novel On The Road and calls Kerouac the man who invented the Beat generation. ¶September: Kerouac takes a trip to Lowell and stays at the Depot Chambers Hotel. During this visit Kerouac a mystical experience in his childhood church and sees a new religious meaning for the word "beat"- beatitude. ¶Winter: Kerouac's dependence on alcohol, Benzedrine, and cigarettes is intensifying. ¶December: Arrested for non-support of his daughter Janet. ¶December 19: Kerouac writes in his journal, "At the lowest beatest ebb of my life."

[William Burroughs & Kerouac]

¶January 18: Kerouac at Domestic Relations Court hearing regarding child support for his daughter. Judge suspends case for 1 year because Kerouac is unable to work due to phlebitis condition. ¶February: Kerouac goes to Rocky Mount, North Carolina to live with his sister's family. Begins writing Buddhist handbook "Wake Up" (also called "Buddha Tells Us"). Writes "Bowery Blues" poems. ¶April: Kerouac's "Jazz of the Beat Generation" is published in New World Writing. ¶May 20: Completes "cityCityCITY" science fiction story. ¶June: Kerouac, in New York City visiting Lucien Carr and other friends, writes "MacDougal Street Blues" poems. ¶Summer: Kerouac receives $200 award from Academy of Arts & Letters. ¶August: Kerouac hitchhikes to Mexico City and takes a room at 212 Orizaba Street, above his friend Bill Garver's apartment. Kerouac falls in love with Esperanza Villanueva, an Indian prostitute addicted to drugs. ¶August-September: Writes Part 1 ("Trembling and Chaste") of Tristessa; writes Mexico City Blues (244 choruses). ¶September 9: Kerouac leaves Mexico and travels to California to see Allen Ginsberg who is living in a cottage at 1624 Milvia Street in Berkeley. ¶Fall: Kerouac meets Kenneth Rexroth, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Gary Snyder, Philip Whalen, Michael McClure. ¶October 7: Kerouac attends the "Six Gallery" reading in San Francisco. ¶October: With Gary Snyder and John Montgomery, Kerouac climbs the 12,000 foot high Matterhorn mountain in the Sierra Nevada chain. ¶December 22: Kerouac returns to Rocky Mount, North Carolina and begins writing Visions of Gerard.

[Allen Ginsberg & Kerouac]

¶January 16: Kerouac completes Visions of Gerard. ¶January: Kerouac's "The Mexican Girl" (from On the Road) is published in the Paris Review; Kerouac writes "Brooklyn Bridge Blues" poems. Takes trip to New York City. ¶February: Returns to Rocky Mount, North Carolina. ¶March 17: Hitchhikes from North Carolina to California. ¶April: In California, shares cabin with Gary Snyder in Marin County. ¶Spring: Writes The Scripture of the Golden Eternity; writes Old Angel Midnight. Kerouac meets Alan Watts, Robert Creeley. ¶June 18: Kerouac hitchhikes to Washington State for job on a mountain watching for fires. ¶June 25: Begins job training as a mountain firewatcher. ¶July-September: Alone on Desolation Peak in the Cascade Mountains working as a firewatcher. ¶September: After 60+ days of solitude on Desolation Peak, Kerouac comes down from the mountain and travels to Seattle. ¶Late September: Travels to Mexico City, rents same one-room apartment above Bill Garver on Orizaba Street. . ¶September-November: In Mexico City, completes Tristessa; begins Desolation Angels. ¶November: Travels from Mexico to New York City with Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky, stops in Washington D.C. to see Gregory Corso. In New York begins romance with Helen Weaver. ¶December: Meets Salvador Dali. ¶Mid-December: Viking Press accepts On The Road for publication. ¶Late December: Kerouac travels to his sister's new home at 1219 Yates St. in Orlando, Florida.

¶January 11: Kerouac signs book contract with Viking Press. ¶January 19: With Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky, Kerouac spends a weekend at the Connecticut home of John Clellon Holmes. ¶January: Relationship with Helen Weaver ends; Kerouac takes a room at the Marlton Hotel and types up the manuscript for The Subterraneans; Kerouac meets and starts romance with Joyce Glassman; with Allen Ginsberg and Gregory Corso, Kerouac meets William Carlos Williams in New Jersey. ¶February 15: Kerouac departs New York on the S.S. Slovenia en route for Tangier to see William Burroughs. ¶February-March: In Tangier, Kerouac stays in a room above Burroughs at the Villa Muniria; types Burroughs' Naked Lunch manuscript (Kerouac has provided the title for the novel which Burroughs originally called Word Hoard.) ¶March: Ginsberg and Orlovsky arrive in Tangier to visit Kerouac and Burroughs. ¶April 5: Kerouac leaves Tangier and travels to France. ¶ April: Travels in Paris; goes to the Louvre Museum; travels to England. ¶Late April: Kerouac returns to New York aboard the S.S. New Amsterdam. ¶May 6: Kerouac and his mother move, via Greyhound Bus from Orlando, Florida to Berkeley, California; rents a small house at 1943 Berkeley Way. ¶Spring: Kerouac writes more of his Book of Dreams; writes "A Dharma Bum in Europe"; types up "Book of Sketches" (from his notebooks); begins writing the novel "Avalokitesvara"; meets LuAnne Henderson for an afternoon in Golden Gate Park. ¶June: "Neal and the Three Stooges" (from Visions of Cody) is published in New Editions 2. ¶Mid-July: Kerouac moves his mother, by bus, back to Orlando, Florida to live at 1418 1/2 Clouser Ave. ¶July: "A Billowy Trip in the World" is published in New Directions 16. ¶July 23: Kerouac departs Orlando, Florida for Mexico. ¶Late-July: unsettled by an earthquake while staying at a downtown Mexico City hotel, Kerouac stays in his room for two weeks except to go out to procure prostitutes. ¶Mid-August: Kerouac returns to Florida. ¶September 5: On The Road is published; Kerouac is in New York with his girlfriend, Joyce Glassman. ¶September 6: Kerouac dreams his head is bandaged and he's being chased by the police. He hides inside a parade of children chanting his name. ¶Late September: Kerouac appears on John Wingate's Nightbeat television show. ¶Fall: Evergreen No. 2 is published featuring Kerouac and other Beat Generation/San Francisco poets. ¶October: returns to mother's home in Orlando, Florida. ¶November 26: In Orlando, Florida, Kerouac starts writing the Dharma Bums at the Clouser cottage. ¶December 9: In Florida, Kerouac finishes writing Dharma Bums. ¶December: Kerouac's "The Rumbling Rambling Blues" story is published in the December issue of Playboy magazine; Kerouac does the first jazz/poetry reading session with David Amram in New York; writes the play "Beat Generation" for Lillian Hellman (she rejects it but the third act will be used for the film Pull My Daisy.)

[Joyce Glassman]

¶Fame begins for Kerouac as the "father of the Beat Generation." ¶January 21: "Mike Wallace Asks Jack Kerouac- What Is the Beat Generation" in the New York Post. ¶January: In Florida, with mother; retypes Dharma Bums manuscript; begins work on Memory Babe. ¶February: Kerouac's The Subterraneans is published by Grove Press. ¶Late February: Kerouac travels to New York from Florida to look for a house to buy. ¶March: Kerouac purchases a house on 34 Gilbert Street, Northport (Long Island), New York. ¶Spring: MGM Studios buys film rights to The Subterraneans for $15,000. On The Road movie rights sold to Tri-Way Productions for $25,000 (Kerouac will only receive $2500 before Tri-Way goes out of business.); Partisan Review publishes article by Norman Podhoretz called "The Know-Nothing Bohemians" which criticizes Kerouac and the Beat Generation; Kerouac records a music/reading session with Steve Allen on piano. ¶April: Kerouac is beaten up by three men outside the Kettle of Fish bar on McDougal Street in New York. ¶April 2: San Francisco Chronicle newspaper columnist Herb Caen coins the term "beatnik" (a pun on "sputnik.") ¶April 10: Kerouac, with photographer Robert Frank departs New York to pick up mother in Florida and move her to Northport, Long Island home. ¶July 5: Kerouac does an interview about the Beat Generation with Lucien Carr for the UPI wire service. ¶August: Life Magazine article called "The Bored, The Bearded and the Beat" is published. ¶October 15: Kerouac's Dharma Bums is published; Kerouac, with Allen Ginsberg meets D.T. Suzuki. ¶Late October: Kerouac ends relationship with Joyce Glassman and begins affair with Dody Müller. ¶November 8: Kerouac participates in a Brandeis University-sponsored forum called "Is There A Beat Generation?". ¶December 1: New York Post publishes "Mike Wallace Asks Jack Kerouac: What is the Beat Generation?" (based on a CBS news story).

¶January 2: Filming of Pull My Daisy based on part of a play Kerouac wrote begins in New York. ¶January 29: Kerouac participates in a benefit reading for Big Table magazine in Chicago. ¶January: Kerouac spends time in New York with Dody Müller. ¶February: Kerouac records narration for Pull My Daisy. ¶Late February: Kerouac's affair with Dody Müller ends. ¶Spring: Big Table magazine publishes Kerouac's "Old Angel Midnight."; Alfred Aronowitz begins series of articles on Kerouac and the Beat Generation published in the New York Post; Kerouac meets Anaïs Nin; Truman Capote, on the David Susskind television program condescends and calls Kerouac's writing, "typewriting"; Kerouac is reportedly drinking up to a quart of alcohol a day. ¶April: Begins writing column for Escapade magazine. ¶June: Pull My Daisy film by Alfred Leslie and Robert Frank starring Allen Ginsberg, Peter Orlovsky and Gregory Corso, with music by David Amram and narration by Jack Kerouac is completed. ¶April 30: Kerouac's Doctor Sax is published by Grove Press. ¶June: Kerouac sells house on Gilbert Street in Northport, Long Island and moves with his mother to Orlando, Florida. ¶July: Kerouac's Maggie Cassidy is published by Avon as a paperback original. ¶Summer: Kerouac begins romance with Lois Sorrell; Albert Zugsmith's B-grade film The Beat Generation is released; the television situation comedy Dobie Gillis features a "beatnik" character, Maynard G. Krebs (played by Bob Denver, the future Gilligan). ¶October: Kerouac buys a house at 49 Earl Avenue in Northport and moves his mother, who is unhappy in Florida, back to Long Island. ¶November 16: Kerouac appears on the Steve Allen Show in Hollywood. After the show he has dinner with Mamie Van Doren. ¶November 17: Kerouac travels to San Francisco to attend a screening of Pull My Daisy at the San Francisco Film Festival. ¶November: Grove Press publishes Mexico City Blues; Kerouac meets Lew Welch and Albert Saijo in San Francisco. ¶November 20: Kerouac drives back to New York with Welch and Saijo. ¶November 29: Kenneth Rexroth in his New York Times Book Review article on Mexico City Blues attacks Kerouac and his writing.

¶February 6: John Ciardi in the Saturday Review publishes the critical "Epitaph for the Dead Beats" which accuses the Beats of being anti-intellectual.¶April: While drunk, Kerouac falls an injures his elbow in New York's Penn Station. ¶May: While drunk in the Bowery, Kerouac falls and injures his head; Kerouac experiences first bout of delirium tremens. ¶June: Avon publishes Tristessa; Hollywood's movie version of The Subterraneans is released. ¶Spring: Kerouac's poem "Rimbaud" published in Leroi Jones' magazine Yugen; Jones' Totem Press publishes Kerouac's Scripture of the Golden Eternity; New Directions publishes a limited edition of Visions of Cody. ¶July: Travels by train to San Francisco en route to Lawrence Ferlinghetti's Bixby Canyon cabin. ¶July-August: in Bixby Canyon cabin Kerouac reviews galley's of Book of Dreams; reads Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; has a reunion with Neal and Carolyn Cassady at their Los Gatos home; starts a week-long romance with Jackie Gibson in San Francisco. ¶September 3: after a party at the Bixby Canyon cabin Kerouac suffers a breakdown. ¶September 7: Kerouac flies back to New York and returns to live in Northport with his mother. ¶September 27: McGraw-Hill publishes Lonesome Traveler, a collection of travel pieces and other work. ¶December: City Lights publishes Kerouac's Book of Dreams.

¶January: With Allen Ginsberg in Newton Center, Massachusetts Kerouac takes psilocycbin provided by Timothy Leary. ¶March: Joan Haverty starts new effort to collect child support from Kerouac for their daughter Janet. ¶Spring: Meets painter Stanley Twardowicz in Northport; Bernice Lemire, a student at Boston College, writes Jack Kerouac: Early Influences. ¶April: Kerouac sells the house in Northport and he and his mother move to a ranch house at 1309 Alfred Drive in Orlando, Florida. ¶June: Kerouac flies to Mexico City. ¶June-August: In Mexico City, Kerouac completes part two of Desolation Angels; write "Cerrada Medellin Blues" poems; has a brief affair with a liquor store clerk, Guillermo; Kerouac's suitcase containing his baseball game, and Buddhist prayer beads is stolen. ¶August: Confidential magazine publishes a ghost-written story by Joan Haverty called "My Ex-Husband Jack Kerouac Is An Ingrate."; Kerouac returns to Orlando from Mexico City. ¶September: In Orlando, in ten nights, Kerouac writes Big Sur. ¶November: Kerouac goes to New York and drinks and parties with Lucien Carr and friends; has brief romance with a teenager named Yseult. ¶December: In Florida, retypes Big Sur manuscript.

[Jan Kerouac]

¶January: Kerouac endures a "30 day drunk" during visit to New York. ¶February 20: meets for the first time his daughter Janet in Brooklyn. ¶March: Agrees to $52 weekly child support for his daughter. ¶April: Returns to Orlando, spends time with his teenage nephew Paul, who's own father is frequently absent. ¶Spring: Visions of Gerard accepted for publication by Farrar, Straus and Cudahy. ¶July: Travels to New York, Old Orchard Beach in Maine and to Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Returns to Florida. ¶Summer: Lois Sorrell visits Kerouac in Florida; Kerouac reads Nabokov's Lolita. ¶September 9: Kerouac begins one-week visit to John Clellon Holmes in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. ¶September 15: Takes a taxi cab from Connecticut to Lowell, Massachusetts. ¶September 15-24: In Lowell, meets and befriends Paul Bourgeois; sees Mary Carney; drinks at the SAC Club; Kerouac is interviewed on a local Lowell radio station. ¶September: Big Sur published by Farrar, Straus, and Cudahy. ¶September 24: Kerouac leaves Lowell with Paul Bourgeois en route to Florida through New York. ¶September 24-30: In New York, drinking and visiting friends. Flies back to Orlando with Paul Bourgeois. ¶December 24: Moves with mother by train from Orlando to new ranch house at 7 Judyann Court in Northport, New York. ¶December: Kerouac begins work on Vanity of Duluoz.

¶Winter-Spring: In Northport living with mother; Kerouac is friends with Stanley Twardowicz and Matsumi Kanemitsu; drinks and plays pool at Gunther's Bar. ¶August: Neal Cassady visits Northport. ¶September 6: Visions of Gerard is published by Farrar, Straus and Cudahy. ¶November: Kerouac has a reunion with Helen Weaver; sees "Mardou Fox"; sees Joyce Glassman (now married); gets close to Anne Twardowicz. ¶December: Kerouac visits with Allen Ginsberg who has just returned from India and Japan; Kerouac's daughter Jan calls him on the telephone.

¶March: Kerouac gives a reading to students at Harvard University. ¶April 14: Kerouac gives Northport library an interview, later published in the magazine Athanor. ¶May: Ed White visits Kerouac in Northport. ¶July: Neal Cassady drives Kerouac to New York City to meet the "Merry Pranksters" at a party in a Park Avenue apartment; in an interview with Val Duncan for the newspaper Newsday, Kerouac claims he is a Republican and supports Barry Goldwater for president.¶August: Kerouac sells Northport home. ¶August 26: Kerouac has a farewell party at his Northport house; after party he has a brief vacation on Fire Island. ¶Late August: Kerouac and his mother move to St. Petersburg, Florida (their new home at 5155 10th Avenue North is not finished, they stay temporarily in an apartment); Kerouac drinks and plays pool at the Tic Tac Club. ¶September 19: Kerouac's sister Nin dies. ¶Fall: Meets and befriends Cliff Anderson; reads a biography of James Joyce. ¶Winter: Kerouac is arrested in St. Petersburg for urinating in public.

¶January: Put off by Allen Ginsberg's political activity, Kerouac breaks off communication. ¶May 3: Coward-McCann publishes Kerouac's Desolation Angels with an introduction by Seymour Krim. ¶Spring: Kerouac reads Voltaire and Chauteaubriand. ¶June 1: Kerouac flies to Paris, France. ¶June 8: Kerouac returns to Florida. ¶July: In seven nights Kerouac writes Satori In Pais. ¶Fall: Kerouac hangs out at the Wild Boar Tavern near the University of South Florida campus in Tampa and becomes friends with Gerard Wagner, the tavern's owner. ¶November: Kerouac drives north with Cliff Anderson and Paddy Mitchell through Chapel Hill in North Carolina, to Connecticut to see John Clellon Holmes and to Lowell to see Tony and Stella Sampas and other Lowell friends; Kerouac takes a trip to Albany, New York with Tony Sampas.

¶March: Kerouac sells St. Petersburg home and buys a house on Cape Cod at 20 Bristol Avenue in Hyannis. ¶May: Kerouac and his mother move to Cape Cod. ¶Spring: Satori in Paris is published by Grove Press. ¶August: Kerouac works on Vanity of Duluoz; Ann Charters, compiling a bibliography for the Phoenix Book Store visits Kerouac in Hyannis. ¶September 9: Kerouac's mother, Gabrielle, has a stroke. ¶September 27: Kerouac in Italy to promote Italian edition of Big Sur. ¶November 18: Kerouac marries Stella Sampas in Hyannis. ¶December: Kerouac is twice arrested for being drunk in public.

[Stella Sampas]

¶January: Kerouac moves to 271 Sanders Avenue in Lowell with his mother and wife Stella. ¶Winter: Kerouac hangs out drinking at Nicky's Bar, owned by his brother-in-law Nicky Sampas; Kerouac makes friends with Joe Chaput. ¶March-May: Kerouac completes Vanity of Duluoz. ¶June: Stan Twardowicz and Bill Crabtree visit Kerouac in Lowell. ¶Summer: Allen Ginsberg visits Kerouac in Lowell; Kerouac goes to Montreal and appears on television program Sel de la Semaine; Kerouac visits with Mary Carney and gets into a fight with her; with Joe Chaput Kerouac visits Riviere du Loup and Expo '67 in Montreal; when drunk Kerouac is now prone to anti-semitic invective. ¶October: Interviewed for Partisan Review by Ted Berrigan, Aram Saroyan and Duncan McNaughton. ¶Fall: Kerouac reads Moby Dick to a Lowell High School English class. ¶November: Kerouac's daughter Jan visits her father in Lowell.

¶January: Kerouac is interviewed by Bruce Cook who is writing a book on the Beat Generation. ¶February 5: Carolyn Cassady calls Kerouac with news of Neal Cassady's death. ¶February 6: Vanity of Duluoz published. ¶March: Kerouac travels to Europe with Tony and Nick Sampas, Kerouac visits Lisbon, Madrid, Geneva, Munich, Stuttgart. ¶May: Kerouac jailed for carrying and open bottle of beer on the street, spends night in jail. ¶August 11: Article by writer Gregory McDonald entitled "Off the Road...the Celtic Twilight of Jack Kerouac" in the Boston Sunday Globe. ¶August: Kerouac visits Charles Olson in Gloucester, Massachusetts; Kerouac appears on William F. Buckley's television show The Firing Line; Kerouac, in New York, has a reunion with William Burroughs and Lucien Carr; Kerouac sells letter from Ginsberg and Cassady to the University of Texas; sells letters from William Burroughs to Columbia University. ¶September: Kerouac's friend Joe Chaput drives Kerouac and his mother to St. Petersburg to their new home at 5169 10th Avenue North. ¶Fall: In Florida at Cliff Anderson's cabin in the woods, Kerouac takes large dose of LSD.

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¶May: Kerouac is dependent on dexedrine; begins work on Pic. ¶September 4: Signs a new will leaving everything to his mother and names his nephew Paul as the second beneficiary. ¶September 28: Kerouac's article "After Me, the Deluge" appears in the Chicago Tribune. ¶Fall: gets beaten up in the Cactus Bar in St. Petersburg. ¶October 21: Jack Kerouac dies from internal bleeding at St. Anthony's Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida. ¶October 24: Kerouac funeral held at St. Jean Baptiste Roman Catholic Church in Lowell. He is buried at the Edson Catholic Cemetery in the town of his birth.

Jack Kerouac: A Memoir by John Montgomery is published. ¶"The Bippie in the Middle: Jack Kerouac (1922-1969)" by Massud Farzan in London Magazine, New Series, 9, No. 11.

Pic published posthumously.

Visions of Cody published posthumously. ¶December 2: "Reconsiderations: Jack Kerouac" by Crawford Woods in the New Republic magazine.

¶Ann Charters' Kerouac: A Biography is published. ¶April 8: "Kerouac Reappraised" by Chuck Miller in the New York Times Book Review ¶Gabrielle Kerouac, Jack's mother, dies.

¶Allen Ginsberg and Anne Waldman create the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at the Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado. ¶Visions of Kerouac by Charles E. Jarvis is published.

A Bibliography of Works by Jack Kerouac, 1939-1975 by Ann Charters is published in New York.

Jack Kerouac: Prophet of the New Romanticism by Robert A. Hipkiss is published.

Jack's Book edited by Barry Gifford and Lawrence Lee is published.

¶Dennis McNally's Desolate Angel: Jack Kerouac, the Beat Generation, and America is published. ¶On the Road: Text and Criticism edited by Scott Donaldson is published.

¶June 1: Kerouac's Crooked Road: Development of a Fiction by Tim Hunt is published.

¶Gerald Nicosia's biography of Kerouac, Memory Babe is published; ¶Joyce Glassman Johnson's memoir, Minor Characters is published. ¶Spring: Jack Kerouac joins the Cosmic Baseball Association.

¶March: Tom Clark's biography Jack Kerouac is published.

¶January 1: Kerouac and Friends: A Beat Generation Album photographs by Fred McDarrah is published.

¶International Jack Kerouac Gathering in Quebec, Canada. ¶The Spontaneous Poetics of Jack Kerouac: A Study of the Fiction by Regina Weinreich.

¶January 25: Jack Kerouac Street is dedicated in San Francisco, California. ¶May 29: "Kerouac at the End of the Road (Jack Kerouac's influence in Fiction)" by Richard Hill in the New York Times Book Review. ¶June 25: Jack Kerouac Park is dedicated in Lowell, Massachusetts.

¶February 10: Stella Sampas, Jack's 3rd wife dies. ¶Off the Road, memoir by Carolyn Cassady is published. ¶Joan Haverty, Kerouac's second wife dies.

Pomes All Sizes posthumously published.

Old Angel Midnight and Good Blonde and Others posthumously published. ¶Edie Parker, Kerouac's first wife dies.

¶May 16: Jan Kerouac, Jack's daughter commences a legal action in Florida state court seeking to revoke the probate of Gabrielle Kerouac's will alleging that the will was a forgery.

¶Writings of Jack Kerouac Conference held at New York University. ¶February 1: The Portable Jack Kerouac published. ¶March 1: Jack Kerouac: Selected Letters 1940-1956 (Volume 1), edited by Ann Charters, published by Viking Press. ¶November 14: Birth of the Beat Generation by Steven Watson published.

¶May 1: Women of the Beat Generation published. ¶June 5: Kerouac's daughter, Jan, dies in New Mexico. ¶August 8: Herbert Huncke, Kerouac friend dies in New York. ¶Jack Kerouac ROMnibus CD published.

¶April 5: Allen Ginsberg, Beat poet and Kerouac friend, dies of liver cancer in New York. ¶August 2: William Burroughs, writer and Kerouac friend dies in Kansas. ¶September: 40th Anniversary edition of On the Road is published. ¶April 28: Judge Gerard Thomson of the New Mexico State District Court issues ruling in favor of Gerald Nicosia regarding the Jan Kerouac/Jack Kerouac Literary Estate Controversy. ¶June 5: Jan Kerouac internment at St. Louis de Gonague Cemetary in Nashua, N.H.

¶March 2: Cosmic Baseball Association publishes the Jack Kerouac Chronology at its website. ¶August: Subterranean Kerouac, biography by Ellis Amburn published. ¶September 11: New Mexico Court of Appeals rules in favor of Jan Kerouac's ex-husband, which appears to spell defeat for Gerald Nicosia in the Jan Kerouac/Jack Kerouac Literary Estate Controversy. ¶October 30: New Mexico Supreme Court rules favorably on a motion by Gerald Nicosia in the Jan Kerouac/Jack Kerouac Literary Estate Controversy. ¶November 1: Jack Kerouac: King of the Beats by Barry Miles is published. ¶November 4: Ray Bremser, Beat poet dies.

¶April 1: Use My Name: Jack Kerouac's Forgotten Families by James T. Jones is published. ¶June 30: Kerouac's Nashua Connection by Stephen Edington is published. ¶September 11: New Mexico Court of Appeals upholds ruling that John Lash, as "general personal representative" has control over Jan Kerouac's estate and not Gerald Nicosia, her "personal literary representative." ¶October 8: Auction at Sotheby's in New York called "Allen Ginsberg and Friends" nets $674,466. A Jack Kerouac photograph is auctioned for $17,250. ¶November 1: Atop an Underwood: Early Stories and Other Writings by Jack Kerouac is published; Jack Kerouac: Selected Letters 1957-1969 (Volume 2), edited by Ann Charters, published by Viking Press.

¶June 1: Door Wide Open: A Beat Love Affair in Letters, 1957-1958 by Joyce Johnson, is published. ¶November: Orpheus Emerged a Kerouac novel written in 1945 is available for download on the internet for $3.95.

¶January 17: Gregory Corso, Beat poet and Kerouac friend dies in Minnesota. ¶Kerouac's On the Road scroll is sold to James Irsay for $2.4 million. ¶August 27: John Sampas, executor of the Kerouac Estate sells for an undisclosed amount "99%" of the Kerouac archives to the New York Public Library. Included are over one thousand pages of typescripts and manuscripts of poems, stories and novels; 130 notebooks; 52 journals (1934-1960); 55 diaries (1956-1969); some two thousand pages of correspondence.

¶April 26: New York Public Library/Berg Collection puts Kerouac's "baseball cards" from his fantasy baseball league on display. ¶June 26: Philip Whalen, Beat poet and Kerouac friend dies.

¶August 21: A "Jack Kerouac Bobblehead Doll" is given to the first 1,000 fans attending a game between the Lowell Spinners and Williamsport Crosscutters of the Class A New York-Penn Baseball League. ¶October 2-3: Jack Kerouac Conference on Beat Literature sponsored by University of Massachusetts-Lowell. ¶December 17: At Christies' "Playboy at 50" auction in New York, Before the Road a 33 page novella by Kerouac is sold for $71,000.

¶July: Kerouac: The Definitive Biography by Paul Maher, Jr. is published. ¶October 7: Winblown World: The Journals of Jack Kerouac 1947-1954 edited by Douglas Brinkley is published.

¶January 19: "Personally owned and worn [baseball-like] hat" certified by "Kerouac's family" is for sale at an internet auction site for a minimum bid of $500. ¶January 28: Lucien Carr dies in Washington, D.C. (b.3/1/1925). [¶April: Estimated completion date of the "Jack Kerouac Lofts" in Denver, Colorado.] ¶May 4: Baseball Hall of Fame announces the induction of the Jack Kerouac Bobblehead Doll into its collection. ¶August 5: Francis Ford Coppola teams up with Brazilian director Walter Salles to make an On the Road movie. Coppola bought the movie rights to Kerouac's 1957 novel in 1979.

¶July 24: Florida Court rules Gabrielle Kerouac's signature on 1973 will is a fake.

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