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Catalog Summary
On April 13, 1999 the Cosmic Baseball Research Alliance (COBRA) received a photocopy of the catalog for the original archive from Mr. Nicosia. The catalog consists of 46 type- and hand-written pages detailing the contents of the archive sold to the University of Massachusetts.

Pages 1-27 of the catalog contain over 200 entries itemizing audio tape recordings made by over 150 individuals associated in some way with Jack Kerouac. Many of the tapes are interviews conducted by Nicosia with friends and aquaintences of Kerouac. There are also tapes that contain recordings of the 1930s radio shows such as "The Shadow." There is a set of 18 90-minute tapes containing a lecture by Allen Ginsberg. Called "The Literary History of the Beat Generation" it was delivered at the Naropa Institute in the summer of 1977.

Pages 28-32 itemize transcriptions made from the audio tapes. The catalog lists 79 completed transcriptions including the interviews with John Clellon Holmes, Robert Creeley, Joan Haverty.

Pages 33-35 itemize letters of Jack Kerouac. All items are photocopies of originals with the exception of an original post card from Kerouac to John Montgomery, sent in early 1962. The catalog describes it as "hand-printed and signed."

Pages 36-38 describe "miscellaneous" items in the archive. These include a photocopy of a transcription of conversations Kerouac had with several psychiatrists in 1965 and 75 pages from Nobody's Wife by Joan Haverty, Kerouac's second wife. An original book of poems by Kerouac friend Gerard Wagner containing "Requiem for Jack Kerouac" is also listed in the "Miscellaneous" section of the catalog.

Pages 39-40 itemize "Kerouac's Unpublished Writings" contained in the Memory Babe archive. These include Kerouac's On the Road notebook from 1948-1949. The catalog describes this as "about 40,000 words, copied in its entirety in hand by Gerald Nicosia from the original in the Humanities Center of the University of Texas, Austin." (Not detailed here)

Page 40 of the catalog has two entries under the heading "Kerouac's Writings, Published." The first entry is a copy of The Atlantic magazine from March 1968 containing Kerouac's story "In the Ring." The second entry references some 200 photocopied pages "comprising most of Kerouac's uncollected stories and essays." (Not detailed here)

Pages 41-44 document letters to Nicosia from nearly 40 correspondents including Steve Allen, William F. Buckley, Ray Bremser, William Burroughs and Carolyn Cassady. (Not detailed here)

Page 45 refers to "Important Documents and Special Mateiral." Included in this category are photocopies of notes by Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs to Nicosia suggesting "revisions, etc." to the manuscript of Memory Babe. Also on this page is a reference to "about 60 photos of Kerouac and friends and relatives." (Not detailed here)

Page 46 is the last page of the catalog and it refers to "Nicosia's Manuscript Material." Nine items are included. The 1,251 pages of the final draft of Memory Babe and proofreader's galleys proofs are among the items listed. (Not detailed here)

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