Henry Miller

Field Manager

1997 Paradise Pisces

American Writer


The sex devil, large, luminous, lusty, raunchy, Henry.

From his first affair with the older Pauline Chouteau, mother of a tubercular high school boy, Henry's age, to his relationship with Brenda Venus when he was 85, blind in one eye and partially paralyzed, Miller epitomizes the erotic.

The history of Miller's cultural standing has had so many ups and downs and ins and outs that were it related to masturbation or fornication, an orgasm would certainly have resulted. Initially Miller was reviled as a pornographer, then he was championed as a writer-hero. Still later he was reviewed, reconsidered and rejected by a new wave of literary commentators and political activists. Most recently, thanks to the efforts of writers like Erica Jong, Miller's reputation is being resurrected..

Artists who deal directly with sexual themes are often controversial. The attempts to neutralize the genders, to dismiss the sexual, seems an ill-fated approach to conquering the neuroses that suppressed sexuality invokes. It's as if the gender-neutrals believe ignoring the sexual will make it unavailable for problem-making. But it is writers like Miller and Sade and Nin and Jong who remind us that the sexual is the central idea animating our lives. It cannot be ignored or neutralized.

Henry Miller- Field Manager Record
Year    Team          Won    Lost    Pct.
1984    Erotics       60      72    .455
1985    Erotics       94      60    .610
1986    Erotics       70      78    .473
1987    Erotics       77      85    .475
1988    Erotics       70      92    .432
1989    Erotics       76      86    .469
1990    Erotics       81      81    .500
1991    Pisces        75      87    .463
1992    Pisces        80      82    .494
1993    Pisces        78      84    .481
1994    Pisces        88      74    .543
1995    Pisces        87      75    .537
1996    Pisces        88      74    .543

13 Seasons          1024    1030    .499

1997 Paradise Pisces Roster

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