Herm Card is an English teacher, poet, umpire, editor, former college baseball player, and CBA's current Chief-of-Umpires.

Since 1975 he has taught in the Marcellus (New York) Central School District. Throughout the region he has offered poetry reading, writing and teaching workshops. He is currently the editor of The MFA Scroll, a teacher union newsletter.

Herm Card has published two books of poetry. The first is called The Poet Within. The Poetry of Teaching (Thornetree Hill Poetry Press, 1998) is his second volume of poetry and several selections from that volume have been linked on this plate.

One reviewer, a teacher at the State University of New York in New Paltz writes that The Poetry of Teaching is "poignant, realistic, touching, moving, humorous, challenging, encouraging, sensitive, inspiring, heart-warming...These verses capture and express the wonderful and graceful ebb and flow, giving and receiving, that is the very heart of teaching." (Elizabeth Anne DiPippo).


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Published: October 23, 1998