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Gangsters @ Frank Sinatra Songs

A Cosmic Baseball Game

This game is part of the CBA's Frank Sinatra Centennial Series


Any report that I fraternized with goons and racketeers is a vicious lie...I was brought up to shake a man's hand when I am introduced to him without first investigating his past.

--Frank Sinatra, 1947
(as quoted by Kitty Kelley, page 123)


My father had come of age at a time when politics, show business, and the underworld formed an overlapping triumvirate. The people in them had a lot in common; they were all looking for money and power...From Atlantic City to Miami to Las Vegas, mobsters controlled the nightclub industry, and virtually every top entertainer in the country worked for them. That went for George Burns and Danny Thomas too...But their names didn't end with a vowel.

--Tina Sinatra
My Father's Daughter, p. 73


The links connecting Sinatra with organized crime have been public for some time. Some of those links are accurate, others false and still others are in dispute.

Joseph "Doc" Stacher, a gangster from New Jersey claims that Sinatra delivered money to a meeting of mobsters in Havana, Cuba in 1943. The money was going to organized crime leader Lucky Luciano.

"Luciano was very fond of Sinatra's singing...but of course, our meeting had nothing to do with listening to him sing."
--Joseph Stracher
(quoted in Summers & Swann, p. 135)



Joe Fischetti
He and his two brothers, Charles and Rocco were identified as mobsters by the FBI and the newspaper columnist Earl Wilson. Sinatra was Joe's guest in Miami in early 1947.
Right Field
Lucky Luciano
Born Salvatore Lucania, he was a Sicilian-born American mobster responsible for the organization of the Mafia into several crime families. Instrumental with Meyer Lansky in the creation of the National Crime Syndicate in the United States.
Left Field
Frank Costello
Born Francesco Castiglia in Calabria, Italy. Nicknamed the "Prime Minister of the Underworld" Costello he would lead the Luciano Family (later called the Genovese Family).
First Base
Meyer Lansky
Born Meier Suchowlanski in Russia on July 4, 1902, he was the organized crime's numbers man. Along with Lucky Luciano Lansky created the National Crime Syndicate in the United States. A leader of the Jewish mob he had extensive gambling interests around the world (Las Vegas, Cuba, The Bahamas, London).
Center Field
Ralph Capone
Raffaele James Capone was born in Campania in Italy. He is an older brother of Al Capone. Ralph managed the Cotton Club in Chicago. In 1932 he was convicted of tax evasion and served three years in jail.
Third Base
Joe Stacher
Born Joseph Oystacher in the Ukraine, as a teenager in New Jersey he started his life of crime as a pushcart thief. Stacher later became a prominent Jewish gangster who helped unite Italian and Jewish criminals into the National Crime Syndicate.
Second Base
Bugsy Siegel
A Jewish American gangster and one of the first mobsters to achieve mass media attention. Siegel helped forge the merger between the Jewish and Italian crime syndicates. Siegel was an early developer of Las Vegas casino culture.
Short Stop
Mickey Cohen
Meyer Harris Cohen was part of the Jewish Mafia and and became the head of the Los Angeles syndicate after Bugsy Siegel's murder.
Sam Giancana
Born Salvatore Giangana in Chicago, he became the successor to Al Capone in Chicago's gangsterland. FBI files contain extensive notes on Giancana's association with Sinatra.

Frank Sinatra

Fly Me To The Moon (first recorded 1964) First Base
New York New York (1979) Right Field
Come Fly With Me (1957) Center Field
I've Got You Under My Skin (1956) Third Base
Buds Wont Bud (1940) Left Field
Ill Take Tallulah (1942) Second Base
Bang Bang (1973) Short Stop
My Way (1969) Catcher
Full Moon Empty Arms (1945) Pitcher


Sinatra's political evolution went from liberal to conservative. He produced inaugural balls for both John Kennedy and years later Ronald Reagan. Several sources identify the overlapping of the political world with the criminal underworld.


     Inn. 1: Gangsters
[Starter] FullMoonEmptyArms
Joe Fischetti     1B         . . X
Lucky Luciano     1B         . X X
Frank Costello    5-4-3 DP   X . .
Meyer Lansky      5-3        X . .
     Inn. 1: Frank Sinatra Songs
[Starter] Sam Giancana
FlyMeToTheMoon    6-3        . . .
NewYorkNewYork    9          . . .
ComeFlyWithMe     6-3        . . .
     Inn. 2: Gangsters
Ralph Capone      7          . . .
Joe Stacher       BB         . . X
Bugsy Siegel      5-4-3 DP   . . .
     Inn. 2: Frank Sinatra Songs
UnderMySkin       1B         . . X
BudsWontBud       8          . . X
IllTakeTallulah   1B         . X X
BangBang          1B         . X X
X@4:UnderMySkin   7-2        . X X
MyWay             5-3        X X .
     Inn. 3: Gangsters
Mickey Cohen      1B         . . X
Sam Giancana      3-4 FO     . . X
Joe Fischetti     5-4 F      . . X
Lucky Luciano     8          . . X
     Inn. 3: Frank Sinatra Songs
FullMoonEmptyArms E-4        . . X
FlyMeToTheMoon    6-4 F      . . X
NewYorkNewYork    1B         . . X
X@3:FlyMeToTheMoon9-5        . . X
ComeFlyWithMe     K          . . X
     Inn. 4: Gangsters
Frank Costello    6          . . .
Meyer Lansky      6          . . .
Ralph Capone      1B/E-7     . X .
Joe Stacher       7          . X .
     Inn. 4: Frank Sinatra Songs
UnderMySkin       4-3        . . .
BudsWontBud       7          . . .
IllTakeTallulah   K          . . .
     Inn. 5: Gangsters
Bugsy Siegel      1-3        . . .
Mickey Cohen      1B         . . X
Sam Giancana      1B         . X X
Joe Fischetti     6-4-3 DP   X . .
     Inn. 5: Frank Sinatra Songs
BangBang          1B         . . X
MyWay             5 (Foul)   . . X
FullMoonEmptyArms 1-3 SAC    . X .
FlyMeToTheMoon    9          . X .
     Inn. 6: Gangsters
Lucky Luciano     7          . . .
Frank Costello    6-3        . . .
Meyer Lansky      1B         . . X
Ralph Capone      1B         . X X
Joe Stacher       1B         . X X 1
Bugsy Siegel      5-3        X X .
     Inn. 6: Frank Sinatra Songs
NewYorkNewYork    4-3        . . .
ComeFlyWithMe     BB         . . X
UnderMySkin       K          . . X
BudsWontBud       6          . . X
     Inn. 7: Gangsters
Mickey Cohen      7          . . .
Sam Giancana      5-3        . . .
Joe Fischetti     1B         . . X
Lucky Luciano     6-3        . X .
     Inn. 7: Frank Sinatra Songs
IllTakeTallulah   E-4        . . X
BangBang          5-3 SAC    . X .
MyWay             6-3        . X .
FullMoonEmptyArms 5-3        . X .
     Inn. 8: Gangsters
Frank Costello    7          . . .
Meyer Lansky      5-3        . . .
Ralph Capone      5-3        . . .
     Inn. 8: Frank Sinatra Songs
FlyMeToTheMoon    4-3        . . .
NewYorkNewYork    6-3        . . .
ComeFlyWithMe     6-3        . . .
     Inn. 9: Gangsters
Joe Stacher       HBP        . . X
Bugsy Siegel      K          . . X
Mickey Cohen      4-6-3 DP   . . .
     Inn. 9: Frank Sinatra Songs
UnderMySkin       6          . . .
BudsWontBud       4-3        . . .
IllTakeTallulah   5-3        . . .

Gangsters Win Game, 1-0


GAME DATE January 23, 2015
GAME TIME 3 hours, 23 minutes
Wind SW 8mph

Robert Cooley

Frank Salemme

Most Cosmic Player
Joseph Stacher

End Notes

A new biography of a Sinatra nemesis quotes an individual in the music business suggesting that Frank asked his contacts in organized crime to kill the nemesis. But organized crime's leadership declined Sinatra's request to murder film director Woody Allen.


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