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February 28, 2013


With no regulated season games scheduled the number of personal cosmic baseball games is burgeoning. Just published is a game report covering the match-up between the 2013 Boston Rats and the 1975 Boston Red Sox. Coming in March is the Jack Kerouac Memorial Game between reviews of the 2012 ON THE ROAD film and characters from the 1957 novel. Also in March gangsters from China play ball against gangsters from America.

January 20, 2013

Unregulated Season Prevails

Effective immediately the 2013 Cosmic Baseball Season will be unregulated. This means there will be an unlimited number of personal cosmic baseball games possible…but no league structure and no standings. Officially, the first cosmic baseball game under the new rule was a rematch of a game between a former Boston Red Sox team and a collection of scoundrels known as the South Boston Rats. These two teams originally met last December. An ad hoc coalition of murder victims has been forming on the sidelines and it's possible that a group of murder victims will meet their killers on the cosmic baseball field in the spring.

2013 Cosmic Baseball Calendar

  • January 21 Winter Meetings in Tel Aviv, Israel
  • February 11 Teams Draft I
  • March 12 Jack Kerouac Memorial Game
  • March 15 The Tradition Game and Spring Meetings in New York City
  • March 30 Paul Arthur Memorial Game
  • June 28 Summer Meetings in Avignon, France
  • July 20 Teams Draft II
  • October 9 Fall Meetings in Boston, Massachusetts USA

Happy New Year

To all our friends and fans...Have a Very Very Happy New Year.