Psychedelphia Woodsox

1998 Psychedelphia Woodstockings
Cleaver HoffmanAb HoffmanAl HoffmanD HofmanJ Manson Nader
Ochs Rubin Seale
Davis Friedan HoChiMinh Janiger King MalcolmX NewtonH
Oswald Ray Savio Stanley Tate ThompsonH WavyGravy
Manager Coaches G.M. Owner Park
Lennon McLuhan FondaJ Agnew KennedyRF SNCC Strawberry Fields

The PSYCHEDELPHIA WOODSTOCKINGS represent personalities from the decade of the 1960s. Ralph Nader is the only rookie on this season's team. That might be a problem since last year's team had a losing record of 78 wins and 84 losses, which put them close to the cellar in the cosmic Middleleague.

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Pitcher Eldridge Cleaver
Education minister of the Black Panther Party. Ran for president of the United States in the campaign of 1968. Published Soul on Ice in 1969 and in November of that year he leaves the United States to avoid prison for parole violations. He lived in exile for seven years.

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Centerfield Angela Davis
As a young woman in Alabama, Angela Davis was radicalized by the racially motivated bombing of a black church. She wrote the following diary entry the day after the event:

September 16, 1963
Dear Diary,

I can't believe it. I can't believe they bombed that church and killed those four innocent girls. I grew up with all four of them. Our families were close. Now, they're gone. The bastards tried to put an end to the movement of blacks; something that was going to truly free every black citizen of Birmingham. The KKK, Nacirema, or whoever it was, I'll just call 'em "They"-- They knew our people were rising so, They did what They thought was best; They tried to invoke fear when there was not much to be afraid of anymore. When I picked up the Herald Tribune and read the headline I tried to erase the words with my mind. But the words would not go away. They, the words, just stayed there and longer they stayed; the more intense was my anger. My friends here have no understanding at all of the political problems in the U.S. No, the men who did this are not vicious killers They are merely products of an ill society. Something has to be done. I can no longer keep my mouth shut and not say anything about all of this. I guess this shy girl is gonna have to break her shell.

Angela Davis: An Autobiography. Angela Davis: pp 128-131.

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Shortstop Betty Friedan
Founder of National Organization for Women (NOW), 1966.

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Betty Friedan Link

Firstbase Ho Chi Minh
Founder of the Vietnamese Communist Party, 1930.

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Pitcher Abbie Hoffman
Co-founder of the Youth International Party (YIP). The advent of the "yippie" is described by Hoffman in his book Soon to be a Major Motion Picture:

"[On January 1, 1968] five conspirators lay scattered on the pillows adorning the postage-stamp living room of our Lower East Side flat. Paul Krassner, suffering from an acid hangover, staggered around asking, 'Why? Why? Why?'

'Look,' he said, 'when you make the peace sign of the V the extension of your arm makes it a Y.'

'I, EYE! EYE! EYE! I love you very much' chimed in Anita [Hoffman]. 'PEE-PEE.' piped Jerry Rubin, 'You need a little pee-pee in every movement.'

'I again. I am the Walrus, I am the Eggman,' said Abbie. 'E is for everybody, energy,' exclaimed Jerry's girlfriend, Nancy Kurshan. 'Yippie!' shouted the chorus...If the press had created the 'hippie,' could not we five hatch the 'yippie"? A political hippie. A flower child who's been busted. A stoned-out warrior of the Aquarian Age. 'What's a yippie?' they would ask. 'A yippie is someone going to Chicago.' The tie-dye had been cast. Our hair was in the ring." Hoffman was also one of the Chicago 8 defendants.

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Abbie Hoffman Link

Pitcher Albert Hofmann
Swiss chemist who, in 1943, discovers lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) in his Sandoz laboratory. After ingesting a quarter milligram of LSD the doctor begins tripping: "With my eyes closed, fantastic pictures of extraordinary plasticity and intensive color seemed to surge toward me."

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Pitcher Dustin Hoffman
Star of the film "The Graduate" made by Mike Nichols and released in 1967. Also starred in "Midnight Cowboy" by John Schlesinger and released in 1969.

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Pitcher Julius Hofmann
Chicago judge who presided over the Chicago 8 trial (U.S. v. Dellinger and others), which began September 24, 1969. The Chicago 8 included Dave Dellinger, Rennie Davis, Tom Hayden, Abbie Hoffman (no relation), Bobby Seale, Lee Weiner, Jerry Rubin and John R. Froins. Judge Hoffman ordered Seale gagged and manacled to his chair. In November, Hoffman sentences Seale to 4 years in prison for contempt of court.

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Outfield Oscar Janiger
A medical doctor who did clinical research in the therapeutic use of LSD. Janiger had his first LSD experience in 1954. He administered LSD to approximately 875 people, many involved in the Hollywood movie industry. In March 1966 his office was raided by federal drug authorities who confiscated years' worth of clinical research. Janiger co-founded the Albert Hofmann Foundation which supports psychedelic drug research.

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Oscar Janiger Link

Infield Martin Luther King
Shot dead April 4, 1968 on his motel room balcony in Memphis, Tennessee. James Earl Ray's fingerprints are found on the Remington rifle used to fire the one shot that kills King. The King assassination results in the eruption of race riots in Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Kansas City, Newark, and Washington, D.C. Chicago's Mayor Daley gives "shoot to kill" orders to police. An estimated 46 deaths across the United States result from the riots.

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Thirdbase Malcolm X
Shot dead February 21, 1965 at Harlem's Audubon Ballroom as he prepares to deliver a speech on the need for blacks and whites to coexist peacefully.

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Pitcher Charles Manson
Born in Kentucky in 1934, Manson was the unwanted bastard son of a prostitute. After an unstable upbringing in a variety of institutions and foster homes he was by 18 an experienced car thief who had also stolen money and committed homosexual rape. Arrested and then paroled in 1954 he got married, had a child, got divorced and by 1960 was back in prison. Released in 1967 he went to California where he assembled a group of cultural "felaheen" whom the media would later call "The Family". At the end of July, 1969 Manson and members of the Spahn Ranch collective, Bobby Beausoliel, Susan Atkins and Mary Brunner killed Gary Hinman and stole his car in Los Angeles. The motive for the murder may have had something to do with Manson's pique at not finding success as a rock musician. Beausoleil was arrested shortly after as a suspect in the murder. The next week, Susan Atkins, Linda Kasabian, Patricia Kerwinkel, and Tex Watson murdered seven people in the Hollywood Hills, including the actress Sharon Tate who lived in a house formerly owned by a record producer. It has been speculated that these later murders were designed to get Beausoleil out of prison. Manson thought that the Tate copy cat murders while Beausoleil was in prison would get Bobby off the hook. This theory of the crime makes more sense than Vincent Bugliosi's "helter skelter" notion that Manson attempted to ignite a race war by murdering white people and making it seem like black people did the killing.

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Charles Manson Link

Pitcher Ralph Nader
Foremost consumer advocate in the United States.


Ralph Nader Link

Infield Huey Newton
Co-founder of the Black Panther Party in the mid-1960s. At the end of the 1960s, the director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover said the Black Panther's had replaced the Communist Party as the single greatest threat to American security.

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Huey Newton Link

Pitcher Phil Ochs
A folk and protest singer/songwriter, Ochs released 7 albums during the 1960s. Actively engaged in the social protests of his times he wrote:

"[I]f you feel you have been living in an unreal world for the last couple of years, it is particularly because this power structure has refused to listen to reason...Step outside the guidelines of the official umpires and make your own rules and your own reality."

Ochs committed suicide in 1976.

Phil Ochs External Link

Outfield Lee Harvey Oswald
Alleged assassin of President John F. Kennedy. Oswald was a 24 year-old U.S. Marine Corps veteran who had lived in the Soviet Union and married the daughter of a KGB colonel. Dallas police arrested Oswald 80 minutes after Kennedy was shot on November 23, 1963. The next day, while police were escorting Oswald to safer quarters, a local nightclub owner, Jack Ruby, shot and killed Oswald, while millions of people viewed the event on their television sets.

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Lee Harvey Oswald Link

Infield James Earl Ray
A white racist, arrested June 8, 1968 in London for the murder of Martin Luther King. Ray will plead guilty and receive a 99 year sentence for the crime. Doubts remain whether or not Ray was the real assassin.

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James Earl Ray Link

Pitcher Jerry Rubin
Co-founder of the Youth International Party. Organized one of the first "Vietnam Teach-Ins" at the University of California, Berkeley campus. About the yippies, Rubin writes in DO IT!: "The secret to the yippie myth is that it's nonsense. Its basic informational statement is a blank piece of paper...the hippies see us as politicos and the politicos see us as hippies. Only the right wing sees us for what we really are...The slogan of the yippies is: Rise up and abandon the creeping meatball!...The yippies want to run naked through the halls of Congress...Marijuana is compulsory at all yippie meetings. Yippies take acid at breakfast to bring us closer to reality. Holden Caulfield is a yippie...The revolution will come when everybody is a Yippie!"

In the 1980s Rubin worked as a venture capitalist on Wall Street. In 1994, while jay-walking the streets of Los Angeles he was hit and killed by an automobile.

Cosmic Record

Jerry Rubin Link

Rightfield Mario Savio
On December 2, 1964, in a speech to 6,000 demonstrators at Sproul Hall on the campus of the University of California at Berkeley, Savio, one of the leaders of the Free Speech Movement declared:

"There's a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part. And you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop."

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Mario Savio Link

Pitcher Bobby Seale
Co-founder of the Black Panther Party and its chief spokesman.

Seale was also one of the defendants at the Chicago 8 trial. On October 29, 1969 after much contentiousness between Seale and District Court Judge Julius Hoffman, Seale was bound and gagged to his chair in the courtroom. From the trial transcript:

Mr. Seale: [gagged] I can't speak. I have a right to speak. I have a right to speak and be heard for myself and my constitutional rights.

[...] Mr. Kunstler: I wanted to say the record should indicate that Mr. Seale is seated on a metal chair, each hand handcuffed to the leg of the chair on both the right and left sides so he cannot raise his hands, and a gag is tightly pressed into his mouth and tied at the rear, and that when he attempts to speak, a muffled sound comes out.

Mr. Seale: [gagged] You don't represent me. Sit down, Kunstler.

The Court: ...We will have to take another recess. Let the record show again that the defendants have not risen.

Cosmic Record

Bobby Seale Link

Secondbase Owsley Stanley
Chemist and early patron of the Grateful Dead rock band, Stanley made and sold LSD. Actually, according to Rock Skully, the Dead's manager, Stanley didn't make it himself. He had two associates, Tim Sculley and Melissa Cargill, do the actual production. In addition to his successful drug enterprises, Stanley conceived the Dead's sound system, which with its concept of stereo amplification for the instruments, was significantly ahead of its time.

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Owsley Stanley Link

Shortstop Sharon Tate
On August 10, 1969 while in her Benedict Canyon home in Los Angeles, the 26 year-old pregnant screen actress wife of film director Roman Polanski is murdered by members of a group led by Charles Manson. In addition to Tate, the killers also kill Abigail Folger, 25, Voytek Frykowski, 32, Jay Sebring, 35, and Steven Earl Parent, who was making a delivery at the time of the murders. Later the same day, Leno and Rosemary LaBianca are also murdered by the same group. Charles Manson and members of his so-called "hippie" cult will be found guilty of all seven murders.

Cosmic Record

Sharon Tate Link

Leftfield Hunter S. Thompson
On July 22, 1965 Thompson brings members of the Hell's Angels motorcycle gang to Ken Kesey's La Honda ranch where the Angels turn on to LSD. In June 1968, while covering the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Thompson is beaten by police. In 1971 he gives birth to Gonzo journalism.

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Hunter S. Thompson Link

Catcher Wavy Gravy
Voice of the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival. In later years, Wavy Gravy created Camp Winnarainbow which teaches circus performing and arts to children 7-14 years-old.

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Wavy Gravy Link

Field Manager John Lennon
Member of the Beatles rock music group. Shot and killed by a deranged fan in New York City on December 8, 1980.

John Lennon Link

Coach Marshall McLuhan
Author of Understanding Media and The Medium is the Massage which explored the impact of media on the human condition and culture.

Marshall McLuhan Link

Coach Jane Fonda
Actress and daughter of actor Henry Fonda, she made a controversial trip to Hanoi as a gesture of support for the communist regime during the Vietnam War.

Jane Fonda Link

Coach Spiro Agnew
Richard Nixon's first vice president, Agnew was a vocal and virulent critic of the liberal mass media. In a speech in Des Moines, Iowa on November 13, 1969 Agnew complained about:

"the dozen anchorman, commentators, and executive producers [who] decide what 40 to 50 million Americans will learn of the day's events in the nation and in the world."

Spiro Agnew Link

General Manager Robert F. Kennedy
While running for president in 1968, Robert Kennedy is assassinated by Sirhan Bishara Sirhan on June 5 in the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. Sirhan is a Jordanian-American who is immediately seized after emptying his .22 caliber Ivor Johnson pistol. Five others are also wounded.

Robert F. Kennedy Link

Team Owner Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee
Founded at a conference in Raleigh, North Carolina in April, 1960.

SNCC Founding Statement:

We affirm the philosophical or religious ideal of nonviolence as the foundation of our purpose, the presupposition of our belief, and the manner of our action.

Nonviolence, as it grows from the Judaeo-Christian tradition, seeks a social order of justice permeated by love. Integration of human endeavor represents the crucial first step towards such a society.

Through nonviolence, courage displaces fear. Love transcends hate. Acceptance dissipates prejudice; hope ends despair. Faith reconciles doubt. Peace dominates war. Mutual regards cancel enmity. Justice for all overthrows injustice. The redemptive community supercedes immoral social systems.

By appealing to conscience and standing on the moral nature of human existence, nonviolence nurtures the atmosphere in which reconciliation and justice become actual possibilities.

Although each local group in this movement must diligently work out the clear meaning of this statement of purpose, each act or phase of our corporate effort must reflect a genuine spirit of love and good-will.


Strawberry Fields Capacity: 27,000

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