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Casey at the Bat by Ernest Lawrence Thayer
The Bushes of Baseball
Major League Bush Players, President Bushes, The Bushes and Babe Ruth. A COBRA Report.
Uniform Number Retirements
Halls of Fame
Designated Hitter Rule
Spring Training by Bruce Buschel
Analysis of Major League Baseball Team Websites
Presidential Namesakes



Pete Rose Hall of Fame Controversy
Jack Kerouac Estate Controversy
The Designated Hitter Rule Controversy


Jack Kerouac Chronology
Sylvia Plath Chronology
Cosmic Baseball Association Chronology


Interview with Anne Sexton
Interview with William Allingham
Interview with Kurt Cobain
Interview with John Lennon
Interview with Ayn Rand
Interview with Donna Stone


The Venus Retrograde Film Festival
Kim Fairchild: Self-Portraits: 2000  [CLOSED]
Jessie Numata Photography  [CLOSED]
Sonata for Kosovo  [CLOSED]
Holiday GIF Ideas  [CLOSED]


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