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X Team Index The SALEM SALEMITES are a nominated cosmic baseball team nominated on December 23, 2006. The team consists of interesting houses, schools and museums in Salem, Massachusetts near the location notorious in history as the home of the Salem (Village) Witch Trials.

STATUS: Rejected

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Salem Salemites
Nominated Cosmic Baseball Team
STATUS: Rejected 2.1.07

Cosmic Player    Uniform # POSITION
Bates School 3432 Firstbase
Bentley School 3433 Secondbase
Carlton School 3434 Thirdbase
Collins School 3435 Catcher
Hollywood House of Wax 3436 Pitcher
House of the 7 Gables 3437 Pitcher
Pirate Museum 3438 Leftfield
Bowditch House 3439 Pitcher
Bowditch School 3440 Catcher
Hawthorne House 3441 Pitcher
Peabody Museum 3442 Centerfield
Pickering House 3443 Pitcher
Salem High School 3444 Infield
Salem State College 3445 Infield
Witch Museum 3446 Outfield
Salem Wax Museum 3447 Rightfield
Saltonstall School 3448 Shortstop
Phillips House 3449 Pitcher
Witch Dungeon 3450 Outfield
Witch History 3451 Outfield
Witch House 3452 Pitcher
Witchcraft School 3453 Infield
Nathaniel Bowditch 3454 Field Manager
Kimberly Driscoll 3455 Coach
Nathaniel Hawthorne 143 General Manager
Schooner Fame 3456 Owner
Stephen M. O'Grady Field   Home Park

Houses, museums and schools have been collected together to field a new non-humanoid cosmic baseball team. With the vortex of the team located in the United States town of Salem, Massachusetts


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Cosmic Baseball Association 2007 Team Nominee: Salem Salemites PLATEID 3050/66  
Published: December 24, 2006 Updates: 2.1.07